Turkish Beekeeper Has a Real-Life Winnie the Pooh Helping His Honey Business

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Turkish Beekeeper Has a Real-Life Winnie the Pooh Helping His Honey Business


For beekeepers, bears are considered as pests who always steal the honey they collect. But Ibrahim Sedef, a beekeeper from the Black Sea Region of Turkey, looks at these ferocious animals as an asset to his business more than a liability.

Before, Sedef had the same bear problem on his farm near the city of Trabzon, Turkey and he has tried different ways to keep them away but to no avail. He tried surrounding his beehives with steel cages to entrap the skeevy, thieving bears, but they would just dig the ground to lift the cage until they make their escape, taking the precious honey with them. Sedef also tried raising the beehives higher so that the bears wouldn’t reach it from the ground. He forgot that bears can climb trees.


Photo grabbed from a Youtube clip (via Oddity Central)


Sedef endured this problem for over four months until he realized that he can use the bears’ obsession towards his honey to his advantage. Eventually, he gave up. Instead, he tried to make the bears work for him as taste testers. He found out that bears have some kind of a cultured sense of taste with honey as they can judge them “without bias or favoritism.”

In order to make use of the bears, Sedef set up a table where bears can freely take as much honey as they want, and attached night-vision cameras from different angles to observe how the bears would react to the taste of each kind of honey.

“If you want your honey to be tested, thanks to the bears you can get it tested without bias or favoritism and with the utmost attention,” Sedef said. “I changed the place of the trays and the tables, and every time they would start with the Anzer honey. I said to myself, these big boys know their stuff, they prefer the expensive and quality honey. These big guys sure have good taste.”


Photo grabbed from a Youtube clip (via Oddity Central)


Over the last few years trying to fend bears away, Sedef had lost $10,000 from the stolen honey. Now, he is making up for the loss by trusting the judgment of the thieves who stole from him in the first place.

“We’re looking after bees on the one hand and bears on the other,” Sedef adds. “In spite of what happened, when I watch the recorded moments, I forget all the damage they caused me and I love them.”




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