Dining Etiquette to Always Keep in Mind

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Dining Etiquette to Always Keep in Mind


For all of society’s modernity and achievements in technology and other fields, one thing should remain constant, and that is for people rich and poor, young and old, to have good manners. It’s not really that hard to follow the rules of etiquette because all you have to do is show consideration for other people. Etiquette is doing things to establish a common standard of behavior that will not offend or hurt the feelings of others.  

One of the most common etiquettes that we need to follow is the right table manner. As a child, we were taught about the basic table etiquette like “no burping,” “no blowing of the nose,” “no talking while the mouth is full,” and “no running off before everyone is finished.”

As adults, we have been invited to social gatherings where the highlight is a sit-down dinner, whether in a private venue or a restaurant. It is doubly important to follow etiquette rules in times like these because, most often than not, how you behave in such a situation will reveal if you have received proper upbringing or not. Some rules of etiquette to keep in mind:



A punctual customer at a restaurant / Photo by: Obi Onyenador and Unsplash via 24 Wall st


Be Punctual

Now, this rule is applicable to any situation in society. A person should be mindful of other people’s time. You should not be late when there is a meeting or dining out with friends. 24/7 Wall St., a financial news and commentary website that covers the stock market, industry research, and government policy on the economy, advised that if you’re having dinner at a restaurant, you should never leave your guests waiting for a long time for you, as they might be already hungry but are just too polite to start their meal without you.



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Keep the Decision Time Shorter

When trying out a new restaurant, it is understandable that you will take a longer time to decide what to order. However, make sure that you don’t let the waiter taking your order wait for too long. If you really can’t decide, just ask the waiter what they can recommend, which is usually the house specialty. It would even be better if you can take a look at the menu ahead of time, usually online, and then check out reviews made by patrons so you can be guided accordingly. In a fast-food restaurant, waiting in line is usually when you start deciding what to order and not only when you reach the cashier. 



Customers greeted by the waiter / Photo by: Johnny Grieg and Getty Images via 24 Wall st


Wait for Everyone to Get Served

When in a restaurant or diner, meals do not come out at the same time. There are instances when someone at the table gets their food served first. If that happens to be you, don’t eat immediately. It is only polite to hold off, even if you’re really hungry, until the orders of the others arrive. But if they insist that you eat already, it will be your decision whether to start or wait. 



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Use the Appropriate Utensils

Although not all people are learned on the proper use of the dining utensils, there are restaurants that arrange them on the table based on which should be used first and for what. In other dining establishments, the cutlery comes together with the meal so that the customer will know it’s the right utensil to use. 



Customers and the waiter talking to each other / Photo by: LightFieldStudios and Getty Images via 24 Wall st


Be Nice to the Staff

It is free to be nice to other people, especially those who serve us. The people who cook, serve, and wait at your table deserve to be treated with respect, not just because they handle your food, but because they are just like you. Even though there might be some instances when they display unwanted behavior, it’s not an excuse to treat them rudely. If this happens, make sure to take the high ground and remain calm.