A Wife Documents Husband’s Dirty Behavior

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A Wife Documents Husband’s Dirty Behavior


Couples who are living together know how irritating it could be if the other partner seems to behave like a child and starts doing their bad habits. It is annoying to see clothes hanging around the couch after they get home from work and worse, whenever they kick around their shoes and forget where and how to keep it properly. 

This might be a small and petty thing for other people, but hey, nobody wants a dirty house. In order to voice out her frustration, a woman from Japan decided to voice out her domestic problem on social media. The Instagram account is known as ‘gomi_sutero’ which means ‘throw away your trash’ in Japanese, documents perfectly her situation involving her husband’s bad habits.


Photo Credit: @gomi_sutero on Instagram (via Unilad)


The couple who live in Fukuoka Prefecture, have been married for five years. During these years, the woman disregarded her husband’s mess but when he started to get worse, the Japanese woman initially shared the photos on her personal account to share with her closest friends. But later on, she decided to make the posts public after her friends suggested it. 


Photo Credit: @gomi_sutero on Instagram (via Unilad)


The account gained 453,000 followers on Twitter. There are photos that show how her husband likes to leave things lying around. Based on the photos, it seems like the bathroom is his favorite place to cause menace. In one photo, it was seen that the husband never bothered to replace the empty toilet paper holder but instead, he left the replacement above it. 


Photo Credit: @gomi_sutero on Instagram (via Unilad)


After the account became famous, the wife clarified in an interview with Buzzfeed that her husband was unaware of the infamous account. This means that her posts were never intentional in order for her to gain more followers on Instagram and Twitter. The wife also shared that her husband now manages to tidy up when he needs to, and he doesn’t really create too much chaos.




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