Junk Foods Made A Teenager Go Deaf and Blind

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Junk Foods Made A Teenager Go Deaf and Blind


Everyone has a guilty pleasure food. Some of us like dessert and some loves having chips as part of their daily cravings. However, too much is always not a good thing and usually, it ends in a very distressing event that might change someone’s life for a long time. 

In an article published by The Telegraph UK, they reported that a teenager is believed to be the first in the United Kingdom to become deaf and blind because of his chosen type of diet. Reports stated that the 17-year-old teenager loves to have a daily serving of chips, crisps, white bread, and processed meat for around 10 years. 


A blind person walking / Photo by: Tracy Spohn via Shutterstock


Due to his poor diet choices, it caused a number of vitamin deficiencies that led him to be diagnosed with a condition called nutritional optic neuropathy (NON). The unnamed patient, from Bristol is also reported to be diagnosed with loss of hearing and bone weakness. 

Nutritional optic neuropathy is a condition that is usually seen in malnourished children in most developing countries that has access to junk foods and processed meats. The Guardian also reported that in this boy’s case, the optic nerve has endured so much damage to the point that his doctors believe that his blindness will be permanent. 


Hamburgers and fries / Photo by: Dominic Lipinski via The Telegraph


Dr. Denize Atan, one of the teenager’s doctors at Bristol Eye Hospital explained that together with her colleagues, they found out that the kid is low in B12 and other necessary vitamins and minerals. Although he is neither over nor underweight, his specialists concluded that he is severely malnourished.

When the teenager asked about why he continued on eating junk food, he explained that it was because he cannot tolerate the texture of certain food texture. He stated that chips and crisps were the only type of food that he wanted and felt that he could eat. 


Fries and a bread / Photo by: Alamy via The Guardian