Indian Woman Wants to Divorce Husband for Studying Too Much for Civil Exam

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Indian Woman Wants to Divorce Husband for Studying Too Much for Civil Exam


There should be nothing that goes in the way between a man and his wife; that bond is the essence of marriage. Along the way, they will have their own dreams which they will try to accomplish alongside each other, with the wife providing emotional support to her husband to keep him going and vice versa.

Sometimes, conflict will come their way but if their love is strong enough, they can overcome anything that tries to keep them apart.

But what if what’s keeping a married couple apart is a partner trying to fulfill his/her dreams? Would it be okay for a couple to break their wedding vows just because they can’t find the time for each other while they are trying to make a better life for the two of them?

That is exactly the case between two couples in the city of Bhopal, India as the woman, whose name will not be disclosed for anonymity’s sake, seeks to file a divorce from her husband for not spending time with her.


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Though intimacy between two couples is important to keep the flame alive, we cannot blame the man for not being there for his wife 24/7. After all, the man is studying hard for the national Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination to further enhance his career, which will probably be of great help to their economic standing.

But apparently, that’s not how the wife sees it. In her defense, she argued in family court that her husband barely talks to her and has never taken her out on a date in preparation for the difficult civil service exam. She added that this habit had also affected her husband’s relationship with his relatives, citing instances where he would never visit them even if he had the chance.


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Because of the man's strange addiction, the woman decided that she would file a divorce from her husband, to which the counselor told them to give it some time before making a conclusive decision. If the couple manages to overcome this communication breakdown, filing a divorce wouldn’t be necessary. Otherwise, it’s goodbye for the two of them.

It’s unclear whether the woman took the counselor’s advice or not and broke her bonds with her husband.




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