Hooker's Lips Make Gardens More Exciting

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Hooker's Lips Make Gardens More Exciting


Yes, you read it right. There is a plant in the United Kingdom and some parts of the South and Central America that resembles human lips, but it is more kissable than most humans have. The name might be off-putting but Hooker’s Lips is one of the most wonderful plants that a garden should have. In an article by Mirror UK, they reported that this plant earned its name due to its petals that have an uncanny appearance that looks like a “heavily made-up mouth.” 

These plants have a gorgeous pair of petals that resemble pair, luscious lips which also belong to a tropical tree found in the rain forests of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia. Scientifically known as the Psychotria elata, this plant is also popularly known as the Hot Lips Plant. Its appearance happened due to its evolution that could attract pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies. 


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Our Breathing Planet also shared on its website that the Hooker’s plant rarely exceeds 10ft in height. However, its trunk grows thin than the usual tree and this is why it becomes slightly bent due to the weight of the foliage. 

The most notable feature of the tree, which is its bright red lip-like appearance actually consists of bracts that form temporarily. While the bracts appeared red, the flowers of this plant show a white color in order to attract more pollinators. Hooker’s Lips are also blooming from December to March.


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Aside from its visual appeal and unique name, this plant also has a significant role in medicinal use. People who have been growing this plant have learned that the bark and leaves of this tree could be used for treating coughs, earaches, and skin rashes. Unfortunately, the population of this species seems like decreasing quickly due to the rainforest deforestation.