7 Great Food Choices For Fall Season

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7 Great Food Choices For Fall Season

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As the weather becomes cooler, food cravings can be intensified and you might find yourself in front of the screen and watching those cooking videos on social media. Fortunately, there are a lot of meals that you can prepare and serve on your own. Most of these meals are very easy to do and it will surely satisfy your cravings as the cold weather rises. 


One of the most abundant fruit in the season includes apples. Either if it's sweet or tart, apples are satisfying to eat in any form. Health shared on their website that these fruits that have a mild, and quite bitter taste can be made into dishes in order to give them tangy or savory sauces. You could also add apples on chicken or Brussels Sprouts that could be perfect to be eaten alone or with friends. 

2nd page. Autumn Beef Stew

Now, if you feel like you could get away from your fuzzy blanket, you could prepare some heartwarming meal. Midwest Living shared on their website that the autumn beef stew could be an easy meal to do and with a little touch of wine, this could the cozy afternoon while you watch your favorite TV series. This meal can be prepared using the recipes that could be found on the internet. 

3rd page. Rutabaga

Fulfilling your cravings doesn’t mean that it should be a buffet of unhealthy food. As long as you prepare it right, your autumn meal could be delicious and healthy too. Health.com, a website that provides information about medical content, reported that rutabaga is a cross between turnip and cabbage. These are popular Swedish dish that can be added to casseroles and soups after making a puree out of it. 

4th page. Wine marinated or paired dishes

For wine lovers, it is known that a glass or maybe, a bottle of wine makes things better. This beverage alone is great when the temperature drops and if you’re feeling a little sentimental while you’re wrapped around your favorite blanket. Fortunately, there are a lot of foods and meals that can be paired with wine or marinated with it. For example, you could create a pot roast that is marinated with red wine sauce and some sweet vegetables, mushrooms, and onion. 

5th page. Slow cooker meals

It is known that during the fall season, the gravity that surrounds on your bed seems heavier than usual. Making it harder for someone to get up and prepare a fulfilling meal. This is why slow-cooked meals are solutions that might save a person to prepare a dinner meal. Midwest Living mentioned on their website that you could put some potatoes, onion, and brat packs to create a hearty German meal.

6. Pomegranates

Aside from its delicious flavor, pomegranates are sacred by many cultures. This fruit also has a ton of health benefits, and Greatist reported on their website that this fruit contains antioxidants that are essential in reducing cardiovascular complications. BBC Good Food also noted that pomegranates can be added with chicken to jazz up your dinner plans this weekend. 

7. Pumpkin-banana bread

The fall season is famous for pumpkins. Although it is a member of the squash family, this has a lot of health benefits that made it earn its spot on the list. Pumpkins are a great source of alpha- and beta-carotene that can be processed into retinol which is essential to improve healthy vision and healthy cell growth. Pumpkins are great when made as a pastry and added with banana. 





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