Could I Be Nostalgic? 5 Funniest Scenes From "Friends"

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Could I Be Nostalgic? 5 Funniest Scenes From "Friends"


The iconic American TV series “Friends” will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary in September, and fans from different parts of the world can’t help but feel very nostalgic. First aired in 1994 and then had its last episode in 2004, the show was nominated a total of 62 times for the Primetime Emmy Awards and won as Outstanding Comedy Series in 2002. To say that it is one of the most popular television shows of all time would be an understatement. For most of its fans, though, its upcoming anniversary is also a reminder that they’ve grown older by more than two decades since first getting hooked on the shenanigans of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry), and Ross (David Schwimmer). Of course, instead of feeling bad about it, this is a great opportunity to reminisce some of the funniest and the most remarkable episodes that “Friends” offered to its fans before, and to its newer fans today, thanks to the internet and to streaming services. 



The "Monica gets a roomate" scene / Photo by: Amazon


The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate

Any true “Friends” fan knows that the first episode of the show is the most memorable one. Unsurprisingly, IMDb has also given the pilot episode an 8.4/10 rating, which makes it the highest-rated “Friends” episode. Rachel, the runaway bride at the time, comes rushing into the Central Perk where the rest of the gang wait, which starts their individual and collective stories that would remain memorable even after more than two decades.

Also, check out their fashion statement! (It is the 90s, of course.)



Football scene / Photo by: Amazon


The One With the Football 

The show featured several Thanksgiving episodes, but this one is the funniest of them all. In this episode, the guys are motivated to try football after watching the NFL over the holiday. However, because of the Gellers’ inclination to be so competitive, the friendly match becomes a contest between the siblings Monica and Ross. On the other hand, best buddies, Chandler and Joey become obsessed with a Dutch girl, whom they are trying to impress. But some of the new audiences of the show feel like this scene is a product of lazy writing and also has a stereotype for the Dutch character.



The "wrestling" scene / Photo by: Amazon


The One With Unagi

Every “Friends” fan knows that Ross is a character whom you could both hate and love at the same time. Despite his flaws, Ross is funny and adorable. In this episode, which is directed by Schwimmer himself, Ross desperately tries to make Rachel and Phoebe understand “unagi,” which he mixes up with the Japanese term “zanshin,” a state of total awareness. His frame of mind is later shattered when the gals burst out from behind his curtains. 

Aside from Ross’ antics, fans are also treated to how the Mondler (Monica + Chandler) tries to salvage their Valentine’s Day. While the couple promises that they will give each other a present from scratch, both of them somehow forgets about it, so in an attempt to salvage the day, Chandler gives Monica a mixtape that contains a surprisingly funny sound.



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The One With All the Rumors

Every season, fans wait for the series’ Thanksgiving Day episode, as it is well known for a little “extra”--featuring famous guests and sometimes, even a major plot for the gang. In this episode, we get to see Brad Pitt, who is Jennifer Anniston’s husband at the time, as Ross’ buddy. It is revealed that when they were students, Ross started an “I Hate Rachel Green” club with Pitt’s character.



Revelation scene / Photo by: Amazon


The One Where Everybody Finds Out

If you’re a Mondler fan, you will surely find this episode as one of your favorites. After Ross’ disastrous wedding in London comes the start of Monica and Chandler’s sweet and adorable relationship. At first, it is all fun and sneaking around, but when things get out of hand, the couple is forced to reveal their status. Everyone except Ross now knows about the relationship but Phoebe and Rachel decide to have a little more fun before they tell the Mondler about their discovery.