Japan's 2d Cafe Looks Like A Coloring Book In Real Life!

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Japan's 2d Cafe Looks Like A Coloring Book In Real Life!


Remember the music video of the song “Take on Me,” popularized by the Norwegian band A-ha? It was every girl from the 1990’s dream to warp into a paper-white dimension where everything is hand-drawn and find their dream guy who they will dance “Take on Me” with.

Now, that long-forgotten dream can be fulfilled in a small cafe located in the bustling neighborhood of Shin Okubo in Tokyo, Japan called the 2D Cafe that makes you feel like you’ve been magically transported inside a children’s book.


Photo by: rufusazarya (blog: rufustory)


Drawing (no pun intended) inspirations from Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20, a cafe in Seoul with the same concept that opened sometime last year, 2D Cafe seems to be going for a more varied approach, adding more space for people to move around in, and opening its windows for the outside world to see, whereas Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 looks more closed-door as some windows are just drawn ones rather actual windows.


Photo Credit via Sora News 24


But everything else is basically the same; every object you can touch has a drawn edge to it to highlight the illusion of them being drawn by an artist, from the tables to the chairs, and even the pillars standing in between. Perhaps the only thing that doesn’t look 2D are the lights hanging from the ceilings, but since they are white just like everything else, it’s easy to not notice.


Photo by: @lunagoami on Instagram


Many cafe-goers have shared their own 2D Cafe experiences on Instagram. It’s a good thing that the management allows patrons to take as many photos as they want during their stay.

It’s up to you if you want to set up a blind date at 2D Cafe to relive your “Take on Me” fantasies, but we’re certain that your partner won’t be hand-drawn just like in the music video. And also, be careful when holding your cup of coffee while inside the cafe. You might spill your drink and ruin the place for everyone else.



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