7 Steps on How to Change Your Toxic Personality

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7 Steps on How to Change Your Toxic Personality

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Are you feeling down because those individuals who used to associate with you in the past are, for some reason, now avoiding you. This has led you to think that most people around you are toxic, which is the reason why you cannot maintain a healthy relationship with them.

If that is the case, then maybe you should start evaluating the situation. Maybe it’s not your friends who are in the wrong. Maybe it’s you who are the problem and that you are just unaware of it.

That’s not how things should be. You are the one who is in grief right now for something you did wrong to your friends, and you don’t know about it yet. Consider this moment as a chance for you to make amends, a time for meditation.

You don’t have to go out apologizing to everyone you’ve wronged in the past, although that may eventually happen if you consider these people as special. Learning can sometimes take its toll, so make the most out of it.


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1. Be Honest

You can’t really expect yourself to reach inner peace if you don’t acknowledge first that you are a flawed person. Once you figure out what your bad traits are, let them all out and don’t make any exception. You cannot change yourself for the better if you neglect a certain aspect of you that others find distasteful.


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2. Stop Stirring the Pot for the Sake of Drama

You don’t owe anyone some help especially if you’re just there to start a gossip or get in the way of other people going through a tough situation. Admit it, you’re not really there to offer them your help; you just want to be in for the ride. Maybe you do, but if you truly are concerned for others, the first thing you would probably do is mind your own business and just be there for them if they need comfort from you.


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3. Learn to Appreciate What You Have

Most people’s toxic traits stem from jealousy and the lack of appreciation for one’s own worth. They tend to reductively compare themselves to others through one lens in which they find themselves feeling unsatisfied, ignoring the positive things they possess, thus developing toxic characteristics. You should realize that your worth is not defined by some metric you’ve set for yourself and other people. There are a lot of things you should be thankful for.


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4. Disregard Your Phone for Once

Sometimes, we get too attached to Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media platform we are currently using to let people know how great our lives are going. But oftentimes, we get too obsessed about our personal image online that we can’t help but to base our self-worth on the number of likes our posts get. Break that habit, leave social media, start a healthy routine, go on a nature trip, or try to whatever goals you want to accomplish.


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5. Manage Your Impulses

You’re on the right track. At this point, you’re out to try new things and see new horizons. But don’t get too excited. You might find yourself obsessing over your new hobbies too much to the point that it prevents you from being productive and accomplishing your day-to-day tasks. Worse, you might get burnt out and feel miserable all over again. Don’t force yourself to do too much.


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6. Think Positive

It’s hard for some people, yes. But it’s still worth trying. You might get stuck at Step 1 and indulge too much on the negative side. You are capable of changing for the better; you just need to believe in that. Otherwise, you might ignore those people who do and fall deep into the negative abyss.


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7. Love Yourself

This is basically the general idea, but it needs to be emphasized, as much as possible, because if up to this point, you haven’t realized that in order to remove your toxic personality, you have to love yourself, you’re just going through these steps like a set of tiresome chores rather than trying to become a better person.




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