Maria Oz’s Unusually Large Eyes Look Like They Came From a Disney Movie

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Maria Oz’s Unusually Large Eyes Look Like They Came From a Disney Movie


Big eyes are cute, and we tend to see them in Disney movies or any animated series. Tangled, for instance, features the protagonist Rapunzel with a set of big, round eyes to go with her small face, though we all know that it’s not her most dominant physical feature.

This feature has been a mainstay for characters in most cartoons and other animated shows/movies to highlight one person’s expressiveness, which is utilized in these types of shows to compensate for the dull-looking features a normal person would have in an animated setting.

But when big eyes are seen in real life, we cannot help but feel a bit weird looking at them, whether they’re visually manipulated or not. Such is the case for the Ukranian Instagram influencer, visual artist, and model Maria Oz who doesn’t shy away from criticism and social media embarrassment with her big, beady eyes.


Photo Credit via Oddity Central


They’re not even as large compared to the eyes we see in Disney movies but the internet’s making a big deal about Oz’s unusual appearance. Some say that she only photoshopped her eyes to look that way given that Oz is a visual artist with know-how on Adobe Photoshop, as evident by some of her photos having different eye colors and in one instance, an extremely long neck.

Despite the criticisms, Oz cleared that her eyes are actually that large in real life and it just so happens that she is a visual artist herself who can change her appearance in photos. She started out as a visual artist after practicing countless hours on a computer with no other hobby to do other than photography, videography, and video editing after her appendix removal.


Photos grabbed from Maria Oz's Instagram posts / Oddity Central


She tried cooking once, but she enjoyed doing visual work the most. It was where she found her footing as well, eventually gaining traction across social media, gaining over 117,000 Instagram followers, starting a YouTube channel, until she became a model.

As a model, Oz has appeared in Elle Magazine and Bulgari, and she has her wonderful, cartoonish eyes to thank for those accomplishments.



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