10 Times Emoji Mashups Captured Our Specific Emotions Perfectly

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10 Times Emoji Mashups Captured Our Specific Emotions Perfectly


Sometimes, we get into situations where no emoji can accurately express how we are feeling in that exact moment, and it’s really annoying because we can’t just let that emotion pass without tweeting about it.

When we tweet, we always include emojis in our post to emphasize how we really feel in that given moment, may it be an annoyed face with smoke coming out of our nose like an angry bull, a smiley except we’re among the cast of the movie “Inception,” a moon (for some reason), etc. Emojis just make our daily social media routine a lot better and our posts much colorful.

For those who may be feeling a complex emotion, there’s one account on Twitter dedicated solely for emoji mashups—the result of combining elements of two or more emojis—that capture the essence of “those” moments. The account is called the “Emoji Mashup Bot” and its Twitter username is @EmojiMashupBot if you want to check out. It offers a lot of unusual emojis, and here are but 10 of them that perfectly captured our emotions.



1. Horrified + Extremely-Angry

Remember that one time you let your dog sleep in your bed and she peed on it? How about when you accidentally washed your iPhone along with your laundry? This emoji should perfectly capture those twin emotions of yours.



2. Cold + Angry

During the winter, it’s important that you bring a thick jacket with you. Otherwise, you’ll end up like this. Too bad, you’re not angry enough to let steam out of your head to warm you up even a little.



3. Sunglasses + Crazy

Sometimes, you’re just too cool to give a hoot about how wacky you can get with your face. Or maybe you’re just teasing others who aren’t as cool as you.



4. Sad-Relieved + Demon-Smiling + Crossed-Fingers

This is you when you have just orchestrated a prank and it worked. Unfortunately, your friend thought it was rude and now, you’re feeling guilty for what you did. Or maybe that one time you were stealing money from your mom’s purse and she caught you red-handed.



5. Cursing + Mouthless + Flag-Indonesia

You’re Indonesian and you said something rude or you’re not Indonesian and you (unknowingly) cussed in their language. That simple.



6. Worried + Blushing + Crown

This is for that one moment you want to forget. You thought you were her king but she chose someone over you and your crown just slowly falls off of your head. Should we provide you with some tissue paper, Your Majesty?



7. Slight-Smile + Hand-Over-Mouth

Oops! You accidentally told everyone that your friend Mark has a crush on Julia. But hey, it’s none of your business now, right? Maybe this one needs some popcorn emoji as well should you see how the two get really awkward.



8. Smile-Halo + Med-Mask

You’re a surgeon and the procedure was a success! Congratulations, you just saved a life!



9. Sleeping + New-Moon

Remember those nights when you’re just lying on your bed, struggling to fall asleep but you just can’t so you’re waiting for the Sun to rise instead? It takes a long while that you start to think that the Moon has forgotten that it needs to come down and let the Sun do its thing. Even the Moon fell asleep faster than you.



10. Grinning-Closed-Eyes + In-Tears

It’s either you’re so relieved after finishing your 100-page research paper that you can’t help but cry and then burst out laughing or you’re in so much misery because you’ve only finished two pages and there’s 98 more to go before the deadline next morning, and you’re going completely insane. There’s no in-between.




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