Thailand has a Buffet Festival for Monkeys!

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Thailand has a Buffet Festival for Monkeys!


Every last Sunday of November, the city of Lopburi in central Thailand celebrates what is considered as one of the most bizarre festivals since they don't celebrate people, but monkeys. More specifically, long-tailed macaques. From colorful fruit to a wide range of vegetables and sweets, the festival pays homage to the monkeys for "attracting tourists to their city."

Known as the "Monkey City," the Lopburi's ties with monkeys actually run much deeper than gratitude since they are one of the first inhabitants of the city dating at least 3,000 years back, making Lopburi as one of Thailand's oldest and most historic cities, as reported by the American franchise, Ripley's Believe It or Not!. 


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The monkeys of Lopburi interact with locals and visitors throughout the year, where the majority of them live among the ruins of the ancient Khmer Empire. Experts also said that the Monkey Buffet Festival began in 1989 and over the years, it has included a bigger number of monkey species and due to this, the number of visitors who attend the said event increase as well.


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According to Ripley's, the festival also contains one of the biggest photo ops as visitors have the opportunity to witness the primates climb towering fruit piles, which usually consists of watermelon, pineapple, durian, etc., and munching away as they climb to the top. The monkeys can also be seen jumping from one table to another and get in occasional petty arguments, providing comical relief for both tourists and locals.


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The foods are also not limited to healthy snacks since various junk foods are also present, ranging from sticky rice to Thai pastries and desserts. For drinks, the monkeys wash their meals with juice, sodas, and other liquid refreshments. 

Beyond tons of food and primate mischief, the festival also showcases the richness of Thai culture wherein visitors are able to witness live musical and dance performances. Visitors can also extend their fun by joining contests and checking out other fun displays, making the festival feel more of a carnival than a traditional celebration.




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