This Slow-Moving Roller Coaster Ride in Japan is Far Scarier Than Fast Ones

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This Slow-Moving Roller Coaster Ride in Japan is Far Scarier Than Fast Ones


When riding a roller coaster at an amusement park, it is always the fear of falling down at high speed after gradually building momentum upwards that gets people screaming in fear and excitement.

This is the kind of sensation that people pay for in roller coaster rides—the thrill of it all. Beyond that, there isn’t much else that makes people fall in line, wait in a long queue, and finally strap themselves in a seat where they will eventually get teleported to the Grim Reaper’s house and say hi before returning back to the land of the living.

But this roller coaster located in Okayama, Japan proves that high-adrenaline speed is not the only thing that can invoke fear towards the rider. In fact, it’s the opposite.


SkyCycle in Okayama, Japan / Photo by: Seasonal Japan via Oddily Central


The SkyCycle roller coaster doesn’t look as flashy and sharp as other coaster tracks, with the carts looking like two conjoined bicycles moving at a slow pace, and all of it is because the carts are literal bikes which you can pedal to move forward onto the tall, winding track.

The SkyCycle carts are secured to a metal rail that keeps it from falling down the 50-feet high course that people look down from, and it is indeed a scary sight from the top. The fact that the carts look like they’re just made from metal scraps and beams, which seems to be intended as a design choice to make people feel more uneasy while pedaling their way around the course, wouldn’t make you feel better, either. So, the metal beam you’ll be clinging on to looks like it wouldn’t save you from your fear of heights.


Roller coaster rails / Photo by: cocoparissene via Pixabay


However, if you’re not someone who gets startled by the thought of cycling your way through the SkyCycle course, you may find the scenery from the horizon pleasing as trees paint themselves green, surrounding the city of Okayama while the vast body of water makes for a breezy overview of the city, if you don’t have hydrophobic tendencies, that is.

The SkyCycle is still an enthralling roller coaster experience to look forward to when traveling across Japan. It may not provide the same level of adrenaline extravagance, it does make you feel uneasy all the same, if not more so, by taking things slow. If you’re wondering, you can find the SkyCycle at the Washuzan Highland Amusement Park.


Washuzan Highland Amusement Park / Photo by: 663highland via Wikikmedia Commons




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