What Happens to Our Body When We Die? 7 Surprising Facts

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What Happens to Our Body When We Die? 7 Surprising Facts


When a person dies, it’s the end of their journey in this world, but this is not the case when it comes to their body. Its starts to decay slowly without preservation techniques like mummification or embalming the second our hearts stop beating. Decomposition starts at the cellular level. One by one, our cells begin to die and our body digests our organs and tissues. During this phase, our body temperature will also begin to decrease. Of course, all of us will not notice anymore these changes once we die.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that will happen to our bodies after death. 


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1. Our bodies release urine and feces.

Since all of our muscles will no longer receive any instructions from the brain, their tissues will relax. All That’s Interesting, an online media company, stated that our body will begin to release urine and feces because the muscles are not holding them with any pressure anymore.


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2. Our skin may appear stained.

Depending on the manner of death, skin typically changes color. Our skin will turn purplish-red where blood has pooled but it can be different if you die a certain way. Judy Melinek, MD, a forensic pathologist, said, “If a person dies from carbon monoxide poisoning, the blood turns cherry red.” The intensity of the color seen depends on whichever body part is lowest. For instance, when you are lying on your back, the stain will be seen on your backside. 


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3. You might groan or moan.

For some who are not aware of this, they might think that this is sort of a supernatural event. However, this is normal hours after we die since we still have air in our lungs. For this reason, a soft sigh or squeak might be heard from you but this doesn’t mean that you came back from the dead. ListLand, an online site that features quirky, off-the-wall content, reported that groans and moans might occur when any type of force or pressure is applied to a dead person’s chest. 


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4. Your body will produce a terrible odor.

Unfortunately, all of us will not smell good when we die. When your body starts to decay after two to three days, it will produce two chemicals: cadaverine and putrescine. These chemicals create an overwhelming stench. List25, an online site that compiles lesser-known intriguing information on a variety of subjects, reported that our bodies secrete putrid odors when we die. 


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5. Your hair and nails may seem to grow.

Many people believe that a person’s fingernails and hair will still grow even when they die. Although this is a complete myth, something happens that lead many people to believe it. When we pass away, our flesh begins to shrink and the skin to retreat. This includes the skin on our scalp and fingers. With shrunken skin, the hair and nails would appear longer. 


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6. You may have an erection and ejaculation

These are things that most of us won’t think of when we die. However, this is natural and normal. There have been many cases of dead men having an erection. This is because blood will be going to pool in whatever area is lowest to the ground since the heart is no longer pumping and circulating it. Men who died standing up or lying face down are more likely to have an erection or in some cases, even ejaculate. 


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7. Your body can explode

A video surfaced on the internet a few years ago that showed a marine biologist poking a hole in a dead, beached whale. The biologist did this to relieve the pressure from the built-up gas in the animal’s body. An explosion of gas occurred after he punctured the whale’s body. This can also happen to the human body if the gas has nowhere to go. Our bodies might bloat and eventually rupture. 





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