A Look At 10 of the World’s Weirdest Museums

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A Look At 10 of the World’s Weirdest Museums

Wherever we go, there are almost always museums to greet us, and most of these structures range from the high-brow artsy owned-by-a-millionaire type to the downright what-did-I-just-see type. In short, museums can be both really informative in clinical, impersonal ways, while some strive for both informative and maybe a little dose of weird. 

While weird itself might not be so bad, some of these places will make you question that itinerary you might have just planned for. Although as far as everything goes, weird museums generally lean into the weirdness. So you won’t have to worry about potentially terrifying yourself beyond repair. 


Photo by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr


1. The Moist Towelette Museum

Located in Abrams Planetarium, the Moist Towelette museum is probably as odd as odd can get. The Travel reports that it is curated by John French who works as both curator for the bizarre museum as well as the Planetarium Production Coordinator. 



Photo by i_am_jim via Wikimedia Commons


2. The National Museum of Funeral History

Death but make it educational? That’s The National Museum of Funeral History’s objective.



Photo by Jennifer Boyer via Flickr


3. Museum of Death in Both Hollywood and New Orleans

People who visit the Museum of Death are probably going to first notice the massive skull up front crowned with red blooms but be forewarned: the museum will show what it intends on showing, including Hollywood deaths’ subsequent forensic, crime scene information, as well as other photos. Browse on as far as your stomach will allow. 



Photo via Pxhere


4. Tap Water Museum

Another contender for the oddly-specific museum is the Tap Water Museum in Beijing, China, which features “100 objects that relate to the tap water experience.” 



/ Photo by Prosopee via Wikimedia Commons


5. Museum of Broken Relationships

Human experience is what draws people to museums. How human can you get other than broken relationships, something every human being has surely experienced. The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia will take you through the average breakup of a person, holding a range of “letters to gifts given by the other half of a relationship before it ends.”



Photo by chee.hong via Flickr


6. Instant Ramen Museum

Should you stand before the Ramen-lined wall of the Instant Ramen Museum, you will see that the satisfaction it brings you is almost as immense as when you dig in to your bowl of ramen.



Photo by David Becker via Wikimedia Commons


7. Glore Psychiatric Museum

Actual scientific study about the human mind did not begin instantly. Instead, it had a long process of trial and errors and a lot of victims along the way. The Glore Psychiatric Museum is evidence of these fallen mental health patients who went through electroshock therapy as well as other outdated forms of “cure.” 



Photo by Alistair Young via Flickr


8. Bodies… The Exhibition

Las Vegas holds the most experiences for anyone, right off the bat. This museum by Dr. Mehment Oz is no different, boasting models that are in-depth and incredibly accurate to teach visitors about the human body. 



Photo by Marc van der Chijs via Flickr


9. The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

The name might be a handful but the experience is surely something treasured. According to The Travel, this is the place for guests to “explore over 400 dollhouses and other mini pieces of art.” 



Photo by Lorie Shaull via Flickr


10. SPAM Museum

Celebrate history and ham at the SPAM Museum. In this journey through the many ups and downs of the company to where they are now, guests can enjoy everything from theaters, historical displays, family activities and games, as well as a gift shop. Located in Austin, Minnesota, the birthplace of the maker of SPAM, the exhibit will take guests through the "surprising impact" of SPAM to the world. It will start people on the journey back in SPAM's humble beginnings in the 1930s. In a report by Mental Floss, guests can even learn mundane facts about SPAM, the process of making it, or even the way it is packaged. 




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