Why Shift to Veganism? Here are 8 Infographics to Convince You

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Why Shift to Veganism? Here are 8 Infographics to Convince You


Believe it or not, food is a major reason why climate change is becoming worse, specifically meat. This is why a lot of people are choosing fruits and vegetables instead, as they produce fewer carbon emissions. However, the veganism movement has yet to really take off because most people don’t know much about it, except for the misconceptions that have been floating around for some time, such as that vegans are weak and that vegetables can’t give people protein, among others. Thus, they are depriving themselves of a lot of benefits that being vegan can bring not only to them but also to the environment.

Because ignorance is not bliss, here are the top 10 infographics that should convince you to become a vegan:


Photo by: Anna Shepulova


1. A vegan diet is actually simple.

People tend to think that being vegan can be so confusing because we would need to take vitamin supplements for the nutrients that vegetables can’t give us, such as protein, calcium, iron, vitamin D, etc. However, this is farthest from the truth, as this infographic will show.


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2. There's a lot of vegan options!

Being vegan will not take away a lot of food from you, in fact, it will introduce you to more options. These foods can be eaten as is, or they can be used as ingredients in fascinating recipes.


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3. Veganism offers a lot more nutritional benefits. 

Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for your health. Compared to eating animal meat that can contain saturated fats, bacteria, and diseases, munching purely on vegetables can add to your overall well-being.


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4. Being a vegan is not that expensive.

Sure, there are indeed vegan foods that could cost you an arm and a leg, and this has been a major factor on why lots of people elect to stay as omnivores. The truth is, being vegan is less expensive if you choose the right diet. Experts recommend eating plant-based whole foods that don’t cost much.


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5. You can get all the benefits of eating meat on a vegan diet. 

Plants also contain nutrients that are found in animal products. So there's really nothing to worry about not getting the right nutrients needed for the day if you vegan. All you need is to set a vegan diet that will fit your taste.


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6. A vegan diet has positive environmental impacts.

Veganism will not only benefit us but also our planet. Every day, the usual food we produce, eat, and waste contributes a lot to climate change. Veganism is so far the best option to limit our carbon footprint when it comes to what we eat.  


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7. Veganism decreases our water footprint too.

Compared to animal products that normally use a lot of water for cleaning and actual cooking, a vegan diet uses less. If we all engage in veganism, water resources could be more efficiently used especially if they go toward growing other plant foods. Through this, water is used in a more sustainable way.


Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons


8. Going vegan can cut our food carbon footprint in half.

With the ever-growing impact of climate change on our planet, significantly reducing our carbon footprint can make a lot of difference. Previous studies have shown that "vegetarians had roughly half the food-related carbon footprint of meat-eaters." This shows the potential of veganism to help save our planet.




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