6 Ways to Get Over the Stress of Watching Horror Movies

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6 Ways to Get Over the Stress of Watching Horror Movies


Scary movies that we have seen early in the day can still occupy our minds at night when we try to go to sleep. Even though they're purely fiction, you can't deny thinking that the events depicted in the movie may happen in real life. Between a vengeful ghost that could suddenly appear or a psychotic murderer breaking into your house with the intent to kill you while—is sleep even an option?

For those who love to watch horror movies but always end up losing sleep because of it, listed below are helpful tips that can set your mind at ease and let you enjoy the thrill of watching horror movies without staying up all night simply because your mind refuses to quit replaying the scenes.


The making of a movie / Photo by: Simon Graf via Wikimedia Commons


1. Watch the Movie’s Behind-the-Scenes

If you see how a horror movie was made, it will seem less scary and help you view it from a different angle. Most horror films usually have an in-depth behind-the-scenes feature, and you can easily find them online. These special features reveal the film for what it really is—just make-believe, which can calm your mind.



Friends watching a comedy movie / Photo by: dolgachov via 123RF


2. Watch Something Funny Before Going to Bed

The last thing you watch in the day often sticks in your mind, so even if it means that you need to stay up for at least an hour more, watching a light, funny movie or clip can be extremely helpful at calming your nerves after watching a horror movie. Watching something silly before going to bed has its benefits since not only will your mind be less intense, but this can help you focus and start doing some meditation techniques.

Romantic comedies are also a good option after watching a horror film since you will be able to laugh the negative energy off and redirect your attention to the lighter story.



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3. Talk to Yourself During the Movie

Talking to yourself while watching a scary movie can help you de-stress. Instead of focusing your energy on the fear elicited by the movie, divert your attention to other parts of the movie, such as the plot, setting, or even the characters. If you are watching the movie by yourself, make little comments every now and then just so you can reassure yourself and break any tension you may feel from the film.



Two friends preparing to watch a movie / Photo by: marctran via 123RF


4. Call a Friend or Ask a Familiar Face to Come Over

As much as possible, if you have really been scared by the movie, try not to go to bed alone. If you have a pet, let them sleep beside you just so you can ease your mind. If you have a friend who lives nearby, try giving them a call and inviting them for a sleep-over so you won't be alone. Having familiar people around can be extremely reassuring.



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5. Exercise!

What most people fail to realize is that the best way to treat anxiety and fear is by exercising. If you feel as if the movie you have watched has gotten your adrenaline pumping and for some reason, you can't seem to calm down, exercise is a healthy outlet to release that extra energy. You're hitting two birds with one stone, as well, as not only are you relaxing your mind, but you are also losing weight.



Sleeping with a lamp on / Photo by: Realstock via Shutterstock


6. If All Else Fails, Sleep With a Night Light On

You don't always have to be a hero and make things complicated. If you're feeling anxious or nervous about sleeping in the dark, then simply sleep with a night light on or keep the lights on. Tossing and turning won't be good for your body so just do yourself a favor and sleep with one less thing to worry about. By the time you wake up, you will feel that the movie's just a movie.




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