A Man Was Sent to the Hospital Due to Too Much Karaoke

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A Man Was Sent to the Hospital Due to Too Much Karaoke


Karaoke is so much fun especially when you are with your friends. You can sing your hearts out with all of your favorite songs. While karaoke might be good for the soul, it's not always good for our lungs. This was proven by a 65-year-old Chinese man, a resident of Nanchang, when he was hospitalized after his lung collapsed. Cause of the incident? Too much karaoke. 

Live Science, a science news website which features groundbreaking developments in science, reported that the man, identified by the surname Wang, suffered from chest pains and had a difficulty breathing after performing 10 consecutive songs with all very high notes. “I was very excited in the heat of the moment,” he said. 


Photo by: Sopone Nawoot via 123rf

Medical reports showed that during pneumothorax, the air is rerouted into the area between the lung and chest wall which would normally fill the lung. As a result, the growing air pocket presses on the lung would force a partial or complete collapse. This is why Wang experienced breathing difficulties. However, Wang ignored the pain he was feeling at first, thinking that it's nothing bad. When he visited the hospital the next day, the doctors told him that he is suffering from a condition known as pneumothorax. Dr. Peng Bin-fei, one of the emergency room physicians, stated that due to the high lung pressure caused by singing high notes, his lung collapsed. Although the injury is common among males, it can be life-threatening. 


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Dr. Enid Neptune, an associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, added that a collapsed lung can also be caused by lung disease. "Typically, a collapsed lung requires some degree of architectural abnormalities within the lung. An absolutely, totally normal lung usually doesn't suffer spontaneous pneumothorax in the absence of trauma," he said. 

Neptune said that these types of lung abnormalities are known as blebs or bullae. In 2017, a young girl has also suffered the same situation as Wang but not because of karaoke. Her lung collapsed after prolonged screaming at a One Direction concert. The fan developed shortness of breath after excessive shouting at the show. 




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