FBI Releases 40-year-old File on Bigfoot Investigation

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FBI Releases 40-year-old File on Bigfoot Investigation


The FBI released a document detailing its investigation on Bigfoot over 40 years ago, which includes their tests and analysis of hair samples provided to them.

In June, the Daily Mail reported that the FBI publicized a 22-page document from its records vault showing the agency's Bigfoot research from 1976 to 1977. Most of the documents include correspondence between the FBI and the Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition in Oregon.

The 40-year-old documents also included an analysis of hair samples from Peter Byrne, the director of the Bigfoot center at the time. Reports say the hair sample had allegedly been discovered in the woods that supposedly belonged to the mythical ape-like creature.


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Byrne wrote to the FBI requesting them to test 15 hair samples still attached to a piece of skin, which the former director found as an exciting breakthrough regarding Bigfoot.

"Briefly, we do not often come across hair which we are unable to identify and the hair that we have now, about 15 hairs attached to a tiny piece of skin, is the first that we have obtained in six years which we feel may be of importance," he wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

FBI Assistant Director Jay Cochran, former head of the agency's scientific and technical divisions, agreed to take the samples and test them "in the interest of research and scientific inquiry." While the FBI laboratory mainly focuses on criminal investigations, it does make exceptions at times.

"The examination included a study of morphological characteristics such as root structure, medullary structure and cuticle thickness in addition to scale casts," Cochran wrote to Byrne. 


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But Byrne's excitement may have been stumped down upon seeing the results of the FBI's investigation. The recently released documents show that the hair samples, analyzed via "transmitted and incident light microscopy," belonged to a deer.

In his letter to the former center director, Cochran said: "The hairs were compared directly with hairs of known origin under a comparison microscope... It was concluded as a result of these examinations that the hairs are of deer family origin."

The hair samples were then returned to Byrne and the FBI's investigation was closed in 1977.



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