Opera Lovers Enjoy "Don Giovanni" While in a Bathtub...on a Prague Rooftop

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Opera Lovers Enjoy "Don Giovanni" While in a Bathtub...on a Prague Rooftop


Opera lovers in Prague have found a new way to enjoy Mozart's "Don Giovanni"—sitting in a bathtub on one of the rooftops in the Czech Republic with a glass of bubbly wine in hand. They can enjoy the performance of top Czech opera singers, including soloist Adam Plachetka from the Vienna Opera on a Thursday night, with the sunset over the historical city as a backdrop.

Cafe owner and culture promoter Ondrej Kobza has arranged the stunt, which is comprised of selected arias instead of an entire opera. Reuters says the idea is based on the opera's title: Don Giovanni translated into Czech "John do vany" means "John into the tub."


 Don Giovanni / Photo by: Secretaría de Cultura Ciudad de México via Wikimedia Commons


"It seemed a daring step for me because this is something very untraditional," Plachetka says, adding, "But I like new challenges and to try something that has not been here before."

For Kobza, the future of culture lies in the innovative ways that people can present it.

"Mozart composed and premiered the opera in Prague; I think he is watching us today," the promoter says while sitting in a tub on the rooftop of the Lucerna Palace, where Kobza holds the "Don Giovanni" shows. Lucerna Palace is found just off Prague's central Wenceslas Square built by the grandfather of former Czech president Vaclav Havel.

The rooftops in Prague, Czech Republic / Photo by: Pxhere


"I think things like this will be popular—doing quality events but shifting the way they are presented," Kobza adds.

Reuters reports that spectators sit in their bathtubs while wearing full evening attire and, although they get their fancy clothes wet, are very satisfied with the performance, as well as the view of the palace rooftop. The guests don't get cold as temperatures remain around 30 degrees Celsius.

"Don Giovanni" is the story of a sexually promiscuous nobleman whose past is coming back to haunt him. It premiered in Prague, back when it was still part of the Austrian Hapsburg Empire, on October 29, 1787.

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