10 YouTube Channels to Help You Kill Boredom and Gain New Knowledge

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10 YouTube Channels to Help You Kill Boredom and Gain New Knowledge


After a stressful week of meeting deadlines for work or school projects, people tend to reward themselves with a weekend doing practically nothing—something that most will feel so refreshing.

While many would take this opportunity to catch up on sleep, there are those who find such a situation incredibly boring. They then find themselves compelled to look for something to do to pass the time away, usually in the form of entertainment.

Luckily for them, YouTube videos are there to help these people do just that. There are loads of YouTube channels that offer many kinds of content from pure entertaining to informative and everything in between.

If you’re one of those people, here are 10 YouTube channels that can help you kill boredom on a slow weekend when sleep is the last thing on your mind. What’s even better with these channels is that they will also add to your stock knowledge. (Note: All photos appearing here were snipped from their respective YouTube channels.)




Tasty is a US-based online cooking video channel and blog under BuzzFeed Inc. Both its blog and YouTube channel provide easy-to-follow recipes for special occasions and special diets. Their “snack-sized videos and recipes” will make you want to try them at home and make food that will “make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper ‘yessss.’”




Hosted by “The Daily Show” alumnus and comedian Hasan Minhaj, “Patriot Act” uses a combination of witty—sometimes dark—humor and accurate information about the pressing issues the world is facing today. The show brings an “incisive and nuanced perspective to global news, politics, and culture,” according to IMDb. It also describes Minhaj’s “unique, comedic voice and storytelling skill” as he investigates the bigger trends that are shaping the world.



3. TED-Ed
TED-Ed’s YouTube channel started back in 2011 to deliver lessons worth sharing, as it extends the mission of media organization TED to spread great ideas. The channel makes educational, animated videos that show the collaboration between educators and animators chosen from TED-Ed’s roster of nominees. 




Similar to TED-Ed, Crash Course also curates animated, educational videos on its channel. One noticeable difference is that Crash Course’s animations are always similar to one another while TED-Ed’s depends on their chosen illustrator. Lessons on Crash Course are based on a particular topic and there is an assigned educator to discuss each one. 



From the world-renowned science magazine, National Geographic’s YouTube channel is a prime destination for those who want to get “closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible” without leaving the comfort of their homes. Nat Geo provides people with exciting and informative insights from the depths of the sea to the upper reaches of the cosmos.




6. ReacttotheK
If you're looking for a channel that touches music no matter what genre it may be, ReacttotheK could just be the one for you. It also brings a spotlight on K-pop music, featuring classical musicians helping K-pop fans familiarize themselves with music theory and “breaking the ‘classical music is boring’ stereotype.” From reaction videos to deconstructing the latest releases in the music scene, ReacttotheK has you covered.




7. VOX
Operating under Vox Media, Vox Video provides key information that helps viewers “understand what's driving events in the headlines and in their lives. The channel curates videos that explain the current state of society. Vox Video also features discussions on various topics, from “Why parrots can talk to humans” and “Measuring the obsession to falsetto” to “Thomas Edison’s road trip with his famous friends.”



Unsolved Network, also under BuzzFeed Inc., delivers content that would satisfy people’s taste for true crime, the supernatural, conspiracies, and anything related. Its online documentary series discusses unsolved cases and historical events and investigates haunted places and even alleged demonic possessions. It leaves viewers gasping for air not only because of fear but also because of the comedic way that hosts Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej discuss their topics.




Sport Science Collective is the perfect channel for sports junkies who want to know more about the science behind their favorite games. The channel curates high-quality content for coaches, athletes, students, and professionals of all levels based on research information in a manner that can easily be understood.




10. HowStuffWorks

Do you have questions about the mechanisms behind everyday objects? HowStuffWorks try to give you the answers to those. Providing insight into the way things work, the American infotainment channel satiates one’s curiosity about the world and explains, well, how stuff works. It dishes out various information, such as how animals can fly, how to learn laundry symbols, and even why you get brain freeze.