Accessing the Subconscious to Solve Problems

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Accessing the Subconscious to Solve Problems

Subconscious mind works the same way as that of a machine where it has no reason and does not judge / Tanya Shatseva via Shutterstock


The subconscious has always been a mysterious thing. There are a lot of things that scientists do not understand about the brain. However, there is a way to tap into the subconscious that can help you solve any problem. 

The subconscious mind is just below the conscious mind. This is the part of a person that is fearless and true. It is the part that has infinite wisdom and yet does not understand how the world works. The subconscious lives in daydreams and hopes, the future, and yet, still keeps a connection to the present time. The subconscious is like a hard drive that records all things about you. Sometimes you lose something, the subconscious has already registered that for you, and you can recall it sooner or later. 

The rational mind is a great thing, but when we are looking for a solution, it can be limited. Better Humans said that it is possible to come up with answers in your sleep and resolve problems when you wake up. 

How to access the subconscious

Have you ever experienced having a gut feeling but you did not follow it? That was your intuition, your subconscious giving you instructions. You have to acknowledge that there is a flash of thought that is trying to get your attention. If you start to notice this thing, you can access your subconscious better. 

Problem-solving power of the mind

In his book, Max Maltz likened the subconscious mind to a supercomputer. He said that the subconscious mind works the same way as that of a machine where it has no reason and does not judge. A typical example is forgetting someone's name. It can bother us and the simple question as what is the person’s name sends the question to the subconscious where the mind works until later on, you manage to remember the name that you have been trying to think of. 

Getting the subconscious to work for you

Knowing the right questions to ask is important. You have to release the ego and take a break. 

If you want to find creative solutions, having a question is better than having an opinion. Positive affirmations can work if you want to change the programming in the subconscious. However, the problem with this is that it does not tell the mind to search for information. You must learn to ask good and quality questions that encourage action and expansion. Since the subconscious likes doing something, good questions will make it work. Whenever you ask a question, try to phrase it in such a way that it is positive and specific. 

Letting ego go
When we think about the issues in our rational and conscious mind, it can end up making you stressed and frustrated. So the best action is to take a break. Consciously working on a solution will make it harder. Relaxing can release the pressure of thoughts and can free up your mind that will help you find a solution. Taking a break can be a short term solution as there is time to make data and connections. 

It is possible to come up with answers in your sleep and resolve problems when you wake up / Siriluk ok via Shutterstock


Taking a nap to release ego
Thomas Edison would take a nap when he had a problem. He had two metal balls in his hands. These would drop if he fell into a deep sleep. That would wake him up, and the answer would be there. 

Sleeping is better
While napping can give you solutions to some problems, asking a question before sleeping can be a very effective method too. An article on neural plasticity said, “During sleep, new synaptic connections are formed and old connections are ‘cleaned up.’ This can allow you to see patterns where none existed before.”

How to tap the subconscious to find solutions

Finding the need to solve something will not help you find a solution. The harder you try the longer the solution will come to you. According to, you should find a way to let go of thinking for a solution. This can be done by distracting yourself. After analyzing a problem or situation, go out and distract yourself with exercise or doing something fun. Avoid watching TV because it does not let your mind rest. 

The brain is good at seeing patterns in the environment or our life. Remind yourself that the brain will see the answer in a matter of time because there is always a solution. Don't find the solution but instead, make it come to you. Setting a timeline will stress you out a lot so let go of the deadline.

Relaxation can help you become more in touch with your intuition. Being stressed out will not help. The best way to become happy is to become more appreciative. 

By following the tips mentioned, you are now ready to receive the solution. The solution will come at the right time. It might not be immediate but when you follow the steps, your subconscious starts working and surfacing.