The Psychology Behind Negative Emotions

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The Psychology Behind Negative Emotions

Learning how to manage negative emotions can give you inner peace and harmony/ Photo By citalliance via 123RF


Humans go through different emotions in life. There are many negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, jealousy, fear, and others. These emotions are hard to control, meaning, with all the stressors in life, there is a lot of room for negative feelings. 

Sometimes, we tend to set these feelings aside and suppress them. Acting on impulse on these negative feelings and suppressing them will not do you any good. Negative emotions must be processed intelligently so that their consequences can be avoided. It can lead to physical illnesses and ruined relationships. 

Learning how to manage negative emotions can give you inner peace and harmony. This is a step closer to emotional freedom and healing. Things do not always go the way we want them to. This can lead to various feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, and many more. Every time that you are feeling down, think about the other times that you have succeeded. 


How to Deal with Negative Emotions

Establish awareness about the negative emotion that you are feeling. When you acknowledge the emotion, you are already forming a gap between you and the negativity. When your mind is not clouded by the negative emotion, you can see the situation with clarity and you can find solutions. 

When you acknowledge the emotion, you are already forming a gap between you and the negativity/ Photo By Andrea De Martin via 123RF


If you get overwhelmed by negativity, your perception gives you a narrow vision and you cannot decide well. Acknowledge the presence of negative emotions. Examine yourself and the things that might have triggered what you are feeling. Is it too much work? Negative emotions can also be the result of the events happening around you. 

Accept that you are feeling those emotions. Be mindful what you are feeling at the very moment and notice your moods. There are always emotions around and resisting them can result in more problems and issues. Avoidance and ignoring negative feelings is an unhealthy way to deal with them. Instead, accept the discomfort that the negative emotions bring. When you allow yourself to feel and process these feelings, they will soon go away rather than leave them unresolved. 


Tools to process emotions

There are various methods to help you process emotions, such as journaling, meditating, and talking to a professional. These are all aimed at one goal. Below are some concrete ways to process emotions. 

Name your feeling
Give a name to what you are feeling. By naming your emotion, you can start to process it. By saying, "I am feeling disappointed" or "I feel sad" can be very helpful. 

Describe the feeling
What are you feeling at the moment? How is the emotion making you feel? By describing the feeling, you are identifying it.

Let it flow 
Mind the feeling and take a deep breath. The feeling will eventually pass. While it can be uncomfortable, remember that you can handle it as long as you don't let it have power over you.


How to do away with negative emotions

-Be responsible: The first move to take when you are having negative feelings is to stop making excuses and own up to whatever happened that led to the negative reaction. Be responsible for dealing with the emotions and stop blaming others and complaining because this will not help at all. 

Sometimes people simply do not want to take responsibility for the result of their actions. If they spill their drinks, they blame it to the situation or to someone else. Taking responsibility instead of blaming others can help neutralize negative emotions.  

-Make a choice: When there is a negative emotion, you have a choice to let it control you or you control the situation. You always have a choice to turn the negative into something positive. 

-Stop complaining: Complaining does not help. Even if things do not go right, avoid complaining. Instead, take control of the situation and look for a way to solve it in order to overcome it. 

-Keep busy: The old adage "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" still holds true today. Keep busy and work toward your goals so that you do not let the negativity affect your work performance and output. 

-Make some changes: Every stress and negative emotions have their own triggers. If you know your triggers, cut down on them so that you don’t have to suffer from the negative emotions often. If you can no longer tolerate stress from a job, the best way is to do something about it. Speak up. If you feel that the people around you are abusing you, learn to verbalize it. 

-Find an outlet: To reduce negative emotions and feelings, it is important to make some changes and find an outlet to decrease your trigger. Making the necessary changes can make you less frustrated. 

Exercise is a good way to get an emotional lift because endorphins are released into the bloodstream. This will make you feel better. Do not deny yourself from having fun and laughing out loud. This can relieve a lot of stress and even improve your relationships with other people. 



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