How to Develop a Strong Personality

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How to Develop a Strong Personality

Almost any positive personality trait can be learned that can help you become more attractive and pleasant / Photo by Denis Ismagilov via 123RF


It is a common assumption that personality is something that you are born with. Some people are born witty, some people are born with charm, and so on. Others may not have the same characteristics and even though they want to be like that, it just seems impossible. We do not find ways to try and improve our personalities and characters. 

The truth is, there are some traits that can be learned and acquired so that they became a part of you. Almost any positive personality trait can be learned that can help you become more attractive and pleasant. A strong personality can bring success to a person if they know how to hone it. 

Sugar, spice, and everything nice—what are the traits that you should have to be considered that you have a strong personality? Below are some of the traits that you might want to start working on. 



People who have self-confidence earn more than those who regularly doubt themselves. Self-confident people know what they want and they have a strong will and assertive attitude to get what they want. Self-confident people can take control of a situation easily.


Sense of Humor

Laughter can help lessen the stress and see the good side even in bad situations. Those people who have a sense of humor have more friends. Witty people who have no problem laughing at themselves are more fun to be with. If you want to develop a sense of humor, try to lighten up and do not be offended by every little thing. 


Learn to Say No

Not being able to say no to others can be a sign of low self-confidence. People who often help others do not usually receive the same accommodation when it is their turn to need help. Always saying yes is not always appreciated and is sometimes looked at as a normal situation. Therefore, it is okay to say no, and one must learn to say no to build a strong personality. 



Another trait of a strong personality is being goal-oriented. You know what you want and you take steps to achieve it. You are a person who knows what direction to take and you have a clear vision of what you want for your future. 


Work Hard

If you want to get good results, work hard. This means work wisely. Disconnect from the distractions, such as instant messaging and the likes. They interrupt your train of thoughts and will put you back to square one when you get distracted. Multitasking will make it hard for the brain to focus on only one activity and the motivation to work might slowly fade away. 


Having Your Own Mind

A person with a strong personality has their own opinions and can convince others easily. If you want to develop a strong personality, this is one trait to develop. A person who has their own mind is happy to debate with others and listen to their views as well. You do not come as arrogant because you are able to respect conflicting views. Even if there are times that you cannot convince others to accept your thoughts and opinions, you do not feel bad about it. 

A person with a strong personality does not wait for others to make the decision for them / Photo by Sergey Nivens via 123RF


Being Decisive

Others think so much that they suffer from analysis paralysis. It is important to weigh varying options but it is equally important to be able to trust your mind to come up with a decision in a reasonable amount of time. A person with a strong personality does not wait for others to make the decision for them. 


Reason vs. Emotion

A strong personality is led more by reason than emotion. While it is okay to sometimes use instinct as a guide, this should be done rationally in order to solve issues at hand. Letting emotions get the best of you is not a portrait of a strong personality. 


Putting the Past Behind

Let bygones be bygones. Putting the past behind is a sign of a tough character. You focus on what is happening right now and what you can do about your future rather than dwell on the past—something that you cannot change. While you do not discount the past, you can learn from mistakes done in the past and prevent those things from happening again. 


Know Your Mistakes

Another sign of a strong character is being able to admit when you are wrong.  When you offend others, you are also quick to realize it and make amends as needed. Even though things in life do not go the way you want them to, you do not wallow in self-pity. Instead, you talk yourself out of it and find ways to improve or adjust to the situation.  



This is one's ability to keep emotions in check. Giving in to every emotion is not a wise decision. If you want to further relationships with others and become successful, you have to maintain self-control.