Cultural Adjustment: Adapting to a New Culture

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Cultural Adjustment: Adapting to a New Culture

To make your life in the new country more enjoyable, you must be able to adjust to the new environment and culture/ Photo By dolgachov via 23RF


Moving to a new country can be both exciting and scary. You realize how different it is back home when you are miles away from your home country. You can be faced with a whole new culture and sometimes, even a new language that is very different from what you are used to.  You will surely feel a huge change. The important thing is to accept the change instead of fighting it or letting it affect you negatively. Whether you are moving to a new country because you want to experience new things or to pursue a job opportunity, adjusting to a new culture can mean getting the most out of things.

To make your life in the new country more enjoyable, you must be able to adjust to the new environment and culture. Encountering challenges and frustrations are normal during the adjustment period. There are instances where you will even encounter culture shock and other misunderstandings so take it slowly.  Below are some tips on how you can adjust to a new culture.

Research about the culture of the new country before moving there

Just like visiting a new country for leisure, you want to know the norms and culture of the place before you go there. By knowing the standards of behavior, you will know what to expect instead of getting surprised. Read on their cultural etiquette so that you can transition from being a tourist to being a local.

Learn the language

If you are moving a country that has a language that you are not familiar with, it is important to know the basics. According to, you do not have to be an expert on the language right away. But knowing the simple and basic words such as "hello" and "thank you" can be a big help, including the terms that will help you move around. There are various language tools online that can be very useful for this.


Homesickness is expected when you move to a new country. By immersing yourself in the new culture and language of the new country, you might find yourself missing your home country. Don't let homesickness prevent you from enjoying the new things in the new country. You have to accept that you will really get homesick and it is natural but do not dwell on it a lot. Frequent communication with family and friends back home may not be a good idea.

Food can tell you a lot about the culture of the place and this is a good way to learn about the new country/ Photo By Thanawat Wongsuwannathorn via 123RF


Home Sweet Home

Your new home in a new country must be a comforting space where you feel safe and peaceful. Create an effort to make your new place feel like home. Adding some pieces of things from back home can be comforting. Put some things that will provide comfort and make you feel happy every time you see them. This way, you can always go home to relax even if you are in a new place.


Moving to a new country means that you get to see and experience new things. You can explore a whole new world and culture. Get used to your new environment to acclimate yourself. Check out the sites and attractions and take walks. This is a good way of getting to know the people and the culture. Going around can make you more familiar with the new place.

Eat local food

Every place has its own local delicacies that you might want to try. Food can tell you a lot about the culture of the place and this is a good way to learn about the new country. Try something new instead of sticking to the familiar food in restaurants.  Make it an effort to eat like a local.

Meet new people

No man is an island. No matter where a person goes, it is important to have friends. Meeting new people can be difficult at first and it can be scary especially if you have just moved to a new country.  Start getting to know your neighbors by initiating friendly conversations. You can also join groups that have the same interest as yours.

Set a routine

Adjust your routine based on the country where you are, such as late lunches, or early dinners, or days when you are expected to relax. Go with the flow and adjust your schedule to the way the people around you live. It is faster to adjust rather than work against the norms.

Set goals

What are the things that you want to achieve as you move to the new country? Do you want to find a job, or learn their language? Do your very best to achieve your goals. As you move towards your goals, you can be a part of the community where you are living.

Moving to a new country is not a simple adjustment. It can be a great opportunity if you plan to make your mark there. Even if you plan to move to a new place permanently or temporarily, the experience is something that can help you grow as a person.