Including Significant Other in Social Media Posts Can Strengthen The Relationship

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Including Significant Other in Social Media Posts Can Strengthen The Relationship

 A recent study has found that posting about one's significant other online can make him or her feel more cared for and special/ Photo By rido via 123RF


In our largely visual world, there are different ways where people can communicate with each other and share their stories. In fact, an article by Psych Central reported that there are already 1.8 billion Facebook users around the world. For the past year, there has also been a significant increase in social media usage by 176 million users. Thus, it's safe to say that the ever-growing popularity of social media is governing people's lives. 

Social media has also been a platform for couples around the world to share their relationship. The platform allows them to share their stories, status, and photos with many people as they celebrate their love for each other. It has come to a point that sharing too much information in a romantic relationship creates unwanted feelings and negative impacts. Thus, couples need to know if their use of social media to share their love for each other is still healthy. 

There have been several studies that show how social media can impact not just the relationship of the couples but also their own lives. These studies serve as a reminder that too much of anything can cause troubles in the long run. However, recent research showed that including your better half in social media posts can be a good thing. But before we get into that, let's discuss romantic relationships and social media. 

Romantic Relationships and Social Media

Technology and social media play a major role in every couple's relationship nowadays. In every date, they would post photos of themselves being genuinely happy and maintaining a healthy relationship. While this is all good since they just want to share their happiness with everyone, it also sets unrealistic expectations in relationships. For instance, behind the smiles and laughter they show on social media, the couples might have actually gone through a big problem. 

According to an article by The Odyssey Online, another factor that the Internet can harm couples is that social media tends to create more miscommunication. Since they are both virtually talking, they wouldn't be able to see their facial expressions which are vital in communicating. In some cases, some couples tend to share their problems on social media rather than talk about it. 

Social media can also be used to validate a relationship/ Photo By Joshua Resnick via 123RF


Another negative influence that social media can have on a romantic relationship is checking each other all the time through their posts or tweets. In fact, most of the problems that couples face nowadays are created online such as stalking, jealousy, and lack of trust. Additionally, how couples perceive social media in their relationship is also a factor. As Miriam Korn, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist, said, social media usage is "going to look different for different people: one person may enjoy extensive use of social media to keep up with relationships, whereas another may stay off of most sites and apps except for professional use."

The above statement shows that it's better for couples to discuss not only their social usage but also how too often they will share their relationship online. Unfortunately, there are some cases that people tend to be more territorial with their partners because of too much sharing on social media. Situations like this might worsen especially when they do not meet often, thus, creating more jealousy. 

Counteracting Negative Impacts of Social Media on Romantic Relationships

It has been known that sharing too much of anything online will do no good. However, a recent study conducted by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Kansas found that couples can counteract the negative impacts of social media on their relationship. According to an article published in Science Daily, the said study is the first of its kind to systematically assess how various experiences can affect how a person will see their partner's online disclosure. 

Although the researchers found out that excessive social media usage can harm a couple's relationship, they presented counteractive solutions. In an interview, Dr. Juwon Lee, a post-doctoral researcher in Carnegie Mellon's Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences said, "We wanted to explore whether that would remain the case in an online context, where users can share detailed information with large audiences -- a phenomenon that typically wouldn't be possible in person."

Additionally, the researchers aim to resolve inconsistencies in various studies about social media and romantic relationships. In doing this, they compared several situations, for instance, how posting personal information on social media can impact a couple's intimacy and satisfaction with one another. The researchers found out that by doing that, a partner's satisfaction and feelings of intimacy can be negatively affected in the relationship. 

Aside from that, posting too much personal information can make a partner feel left out or see themselves as less special. Omri Gillath, a professor of psychology, stated that couples can counter these negative effects by confirming a relationship status or posting a photo together. This increases their intimacy and satisfaction with each other, thus, validating their relationship.



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