Routine Boredom and Ways to Escape it

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Routine Boredom and Ways to Escape it

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Routines are important parts of our lives. According to, they help make people's lives more structured. They also provide stability and predictability. With a routine, life is less chaotic. It also aids a person in saving energy and willpower for more important endeavors. However, as important and useful routines as are, they can also make a person feel uninspired and feel like there is nothing to look forward to in the next day. 

Having too many routines can make one more close-minded and restrict their creativity. They will just have a stagnant perception of the world. It also goes without saying that life with too many routines is boring. The solution to this is to lessen a person's routines.

John Carpenter, an assignment writer from Brill Assignment, says, “There are times when you find yourself on a painful stretch with the same scenery for miles around. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because it often means stability, but it does have its downsides. Boredom is one of them.”

Benefits of Having Fewer Routines

If one cuts down their routines, it will make them more adaptive to their schedule and life. This also helps keep them away from boredom. Additionally, it makes have more random spikes of creativity because this makes them more willing to try new experiences. 

How to Beat Routine Boredom provides some tips to make a daily routine more exciting

Wake up an hour earlier 

Being able to wake up earlier can give a person more time to slip into the day more slowly. They can do a lot of productive activities during their extra hours in the morning such as practicing yoga or going for a walk.

Create a morning to-do list

They must list down their reachable and realistic goals for that day. When the day is over, they will feel a sense of achievement seeing the activities on their to-do list ticked off. 

Move around as much as possible

They must not remain stationary in the office for long. They must try standing up and walking around from time to time in the middle of the day as often as they can. They may also try strolling to other places near their workplace. 

Do something different every night

They should try to insert fun activities to do even on work and school nights. Always doing the usual night routine such as coming home from work, having dinner and then going to bed may take away a person’s enjoyment. Maybe they can try watching a movie with the whole family at a nearby mall, go shopping, hiking having bonfires or dining at a restaurant with friends. 


Watching movie with the whole family to escape routine boredom / Photo by Tyler Olson via 123RF


Do not get into an eating rut

They should try to find or make some healthy meals that they would like to eat. They may try experimenting with ingredients and recipes in the kitchen. 

Get a hobby

They should do something they love every day. For example, they can play a musical instrument or paint. If they are able to find a hobby they are passionate about, this makes them feel better about themselves and makes them more emotionally healthy. Hobbies do not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as strolling down a place with a beautiful scenery. 


Traveling to other places does not always have to be costly. They can plan to hang-out with friends to a location that is not so distant and divide the expenses among themselves. First, they must do some local traveling. They can try to explore and discover nearby theaters, museums, art galleries and restaurants that are not too far from their home. When they feel they have explored enough of their area, they can then try traveling to farther places. Traveling to several places helps make a person's mind more open because they are able to interact with various cultures, wildlife, geographies, religion, and physical attractions. 

Read often 

Reading is said to be a cheaper form of travel. The best way to of using reading as a way of travel is to read fantasy and fiction books since these genres open up portals to different dimensions and different lands.

Carpenter states that what distinguishes reading from traveling is that it is a second-hand or third-hand account that usually only costs a few dollars. 

Take a break from screens

With the advancement of technology, in every part of people’s lives screens are ever present. These digital devices are used to help finish many tasks, for entertainment and for connecting to others mostly. It is suggested that people unplug from them for a while or put them on flight mode, and do things that do not require mobile devices like meditation. 

Practice mindfulness and thankfulness

Individuals are encouraged to practice mindfulness as they go to work and while they are working. They must use all their senses to absorb the people and objects around such as the sounds, the weather, the scenery, and their workmates. It would be good for them to feel thankful for these experiences and proud of what they have achieved so far. 

Staying positive can make a person feel excited and happy despite being the most miserable or boring situations. People must not completely eliminate routines but instead, they must learn to find a way to spice it up and keep their everyday life exciting. 



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