How Selfie Culture Shapes the Today’s Generation

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How Selfie Culture Shapes the Today’s Generation

younger generation uses social media to post and share their sentiments and selfies/ Photo By bowie15 via 123RF


With the emergence of social media platforms, the current generation has been experiencing a lot of benefits from it. People use social media to get in touch with their family and friends, sometimes, business companies use social media to connect with their target audiences by putting advertisements which could engage them with the product. However, the younger generation uses social media to post and share their sentiments and selfies which informs their friends and followers of their activities throughout the day. It may sound harmless at first since there is no harm in sharing and posting decent photos of their faces on the internet, but doing too much of something always has its repercussions which the young people should think about before they click the share button.


Selfies can be found everywhere in social media. The word ‘selfie’ was coined back in the early 2000s and has transformed the way people take pictures today. The selfie culture should be seen as a positive impact on the society since the main purpose of the selfie is to celebrate and embrace the physical feature of the person and send a positive message towards other people. Molly Soda, a digital artist stressed out her belief that selfie is a very positive thing because it shows positive affirmation and self-love.

Moreover, Researchgate defined selfie as a self-portrait photograph which is taken using a digital or a phone camera and it is often done with family and friends while the photographer held the camera on his/her hand or using a selfie stick. The Odyssey Online also mentioned that selfie is popular because people love the feeling of being in control of their image. Also, selfie-taking could attract attention and people might notice them which could make them be part of the culture.


Likewise, in an article published by The Odyssey Online, Sociologist Charles Cooley also noted that when people post their pictures on the internet, they have this feeling of wanting to monitor the number of likes and comments that they had after they took the photo. This feeling of seeking for validation is not exclusive to the younger generation, but it is also happening with people who are older.


The harm behind one click


Selfie-taking might be innocent at first, but if people just look closely into the issue of this trend, they could see that there’s a lot of holes behind the glittery and flashy filters that selfie-takers could use whenever they post their photos in the social media. The prevalence of advanced phones and latest social media platforms are also helping in promoting the selfie culture in today’s generation and to the future generation. Today, people could see their friend’s or follower’s baby because their parents just can’t stop posting photos of them.

Likewise, being too excited and enthusiastic in posting photos on the internet has its repercussions. In an article by the Irish Times, they stated that people are now easy to keep an eye on. Everywhere there might be a camera installed which makes them vulnerable in an unwarranted surveillance which could be used against them by bad people.


Although the younger generation couldn’t care less about their cybersecurity because they are too fond of their selfies, parents and adults should make it as a priority and teach their younger family members to be vigilant in using the social media. Young people who enjoy taking selfies should also keep in mind the phrase, “safety first” in a report by BBC, they mentioned that a study showed that 259 people have died between 2011 and 2017 just because of taking selfies.


Furthermore, some experts believe that taking selfies could depict loneliness. It shows that the individual has no friend or family member with them to take their pictures. Taking selfies is also risky because of the different selfie trends that are emerging through time. Youngsters are now trying to take a selfie on dangerous locations all over the world where many people have died during their stunts.

taking selfies could depict loneliness/ Photo By kho via 123RF


The study was conducted by the researchers from the US National Library of Medicine and they also added that selfie-related deaths are commonly happening in India, Russia, the United States, and Pakistan, and 72.5% of these reported cases were men. Some selfie stunts are also being way too much. There has been news about people who are taking selfies on monuments and museums, which perceived by others as disrespectful and illegal.


The mobile companies all over the world are also coming up with new marketing strategies in which they are marketing the mobile with an additional feature of powerful selfie cameras which attracts a lot of customers to buy the expensive phones. This leads the consumers into the possibility of being exploited since they are being blinded of the new features on the mobile phones.




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