Graphology: How Handwriting Strokes Can Reveal Thousands of Personality Traits

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Graphology: How Handwriting Strokes Can Reveal Thousands of Personality Traits

Graphology is the science of examining handwriting to determine someone's personality traits / Photo by CC0 Public Domain via


Master graphologist Kathi McKnight declares, “Just from analyzing your handwriting, experts can find over 5,000 personality traits.”

Sometimes, it is not so much in the content of the writing, but the handwriting itself that gives away the personality of the individual. From the size of their letters to the amount of pressure they put into writing, down to the spaces between their letters and the direction of their handwriting, the way a person writes can reveal a lot about their character.

The science of examining handwriting to determine someone’s personality traits is known as graphology. According to Business Insider, it has been used for several purposes in different professions such as assessing a patient’s health, analyzing criminal cases and for testing how compatible an applicant is with the company.


What the Handwriting Indicates

Based on the findings of The Indian Express, Reader’s Digest, and,  these are what the general parts of a person’s handwriting mean:

Size of letters and words

Large letters and words show that a person has a wide worldview and is creative. People who have the tendency to write in big letters have outgoing personalities and are inclined to give more of their time and money to others.

In contrast, those who prefer to write in smaller fonts were said to desire more privacy and be introverted. Individuals with smaller handwriting are also noted to spend less money and are said to be perfectionists. This also indicates that a person is goal-oriented and can complete their task in a shorter duration of time.

An average size of handwriting, on the other hand, shows that someone is well-adjusted.  


If a person puts heavy pressure on their handwriting, it means that they are emotional and expressive people. This may also show that they are reactive and have feel emotions more strongly. However, too much pressure may indicate that a person is feeling angry or is experiencing some tension.  

To compare, those who put light pressure on their writing are said to be more practical and not very open to expressing their emotions.  This may also show that the person has a lot of empathy for others.

Moderate pressure indicates that a person values commitment.

Slant direction

People whose handwriting leans towards the left shows that they are introverts that keep to themselves. They are also known to reflective and withdrawn. These are individuals who are “me-oriented” and would rather work with things than with others.

Meanwhile, those whose writing slants to the right shows that they like getting to know new people. This can also reveal that someone is sentimental and heart-centered. Individuals whose handwriting leans to the right treasure their friends and family.

Having a straight handwriting means that the individual is rational, emotionally intelligent and has a balanced personality.  

Spaces between letters

Those that are prone to putting wide spaces between their letters are individuals who have an affinity for independence and freedom.

On the other hand, people who only leave little spaces are those that enjoy being in a crowd and are averse to feeling lonely. This may also show they are not able to manage their time wisely, because they try to cram everything in a tiny space. If the person barely leaves any space between their letters, this can be an indication that they tend to intrusive.



Pointed or round

Rounded letters show that a person is creative and artistic. This is also a sign that they dislike conflict and are people pleasers.

As for pointed letters, they signify that a smart individual is suppressing their aggression. They are also prone to being harsh on themselves but are very patient when dealing with others.


The use of excessive punctuation, like putting many periods and exclamation marks, can show that an individual has an emotional and obsessive personality.

Connectedness of letters

Connected letters show that a person makes their choices from the facts they have gathered and their previous experiences. This indicates that they are logical.

Disconnected letters can show that the individual relies more on their intuition making their decisions. They are also said to be smart, more imaginative and impulsive.


If the writing was scribbled fast, that means the person does not like waiting. They tend to be impatient and do not like spending their time idly.

Conversely, letters that are written slowly shows that they are orderly and independent.

A sudden change of handwriting within a piece

If there is a great shift in the handwriting in the middle of a person’s write-up, this may indicate that they are lying.


A signature that is written legibly shows that an individual is confident in themselves. They love to expose everything about themselves. On the other hand, an illegible signature may show that the person is difficult to read and secretive. They tend to be suspicious of others and do not disclose much about themselves early on.

Designs on a signature reveal that an individual wants to appear better than others. If a person skips some letters of their name in their signature, this can show that they want to change some parts of themselves.


A well written signature show that an individual is confident in themselves / Photo by Thodonal88 via


How Specific Letters Are Written

The manner in which some particular letters are written may also expose some parts of an individual's personality. As explained by the article Here’s What Your Handwriting Says About You, here some ways certain letters gives away a person’s traits:

Dots on I’s

I’s that are dotted with a circle shows that a person is playful and has a childlike personality. This also shows their desire to be unique. Those who use hearts and stars for dots are cheerful people who see the good in everyone.

An “i” that is dotted closely and simply indicates that they are more keen on details and are very organized. If the dot above the “i” is high, it shows that the individual has an amazing imagination.

If the dot of the “i” goes toward the left, this may be a sign that the individual is a procrastinator.

Writing the Pronoun “I” bigger than other capital letters

If someone writes the pronoun I larger than other capital letters, this may be a sign that a person thinks they are superior.

Crossing and looping t’s

If the “t” is crossed near the top, this shows that the person regards themselves highly or that they have a great sense of self-esteem. They usually put themselves first. They aim high and are proud people. If the “t” is crossed lowly, this shows that an individual sets low goals. A cross in the middle of a “t” signifies that a person is giving and balanced.

A “t” that has a long bar means that the individual is focused, persistent and eager. This may also mean that they are stubborn. This also shows that they are great at planning and accomplishing tasks. Short bars on a “t” can indicate that a person is lazy and that they are unable to concentrate on long-term goals.

Looped t’s show that a person easily gets hurt by criticism and that they are paranoid, while retraced t’s show that they are self-disciplined and have self-control.

Looping lowercase l’s

Lowercase l’s that have large loops reveals that the person is calm and spontaneous. It may also show that someone has may dreams and hopes.

However, a retraced l may show that a person tends to restrain themselves and that their hopes and dreams have been crushed.

Hooks on lowercase y’s

A lowercase y with a huge loop may signify that someone has plenty of friends. If the loop is retraced, this can indicate that a person tends to be more careful in letting others enter their friendship circle.

Y’s with short hooks reveal that an individual prefers to stay home, while long hooks show that someone enjoys traveling to other places.

Openness of o’s

O’s that are closed shows that someone is introverted and likes to keep things private. Open o’s signify that someone extroverted and fond of socializing.

Narrowness or Largeness of e’s

E’s that are written in a narrow way can be a sign that a person is cynical and is not easily swayed by emotions.

In comparison, large e’s reveal that a person is open to suggestions and likes exploring new things.


Testing Graphology

Using handwriting analysis to assess one’s own personality and others is encouraged. They may try writing anything down on a sheet of paper and see if the descriptions about their personality based on their handwriting actually matches their real personality.



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