Identifying a Person With a Toxic Personality

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Identifying a Person With a Toxic Personality

Toxic people are considered as draining, non-supportive, and difficult people who could give a hard time for everyone / Photo by Olivier Le Moal via


Every people may have encountered someone in their life who can make a vein pop out of their head or someone who can make them feel exhausted just by simply talking or hanging out with them. No one is exempted from interacting with a person who has an unbearable personality. Toxic people are considered as draining, non-supportive, and difficult people who could give a hard time for everyone. Jodie Gale, MA, psychotherapist from Sydney, Australia said, “Often the person is deeply wounded and for whatever reason, they are not yet able to take responsibility for their wounding, their feelings, their needs and their subsequent problems in life.” she also added that toxic people tend to create drama in their lives or be surrounded by it. They will also try to manipulate the situation by controlling others and by using other people just to get what they want.


Unfortunately, most of the toxic people in people's lives are part of their inner circle, which can be in the workplace, and sometimes, at home. Just like what was mentioned earlier, it is inevitable not to have someone who's toxic, who also sometimes makes people be aware that they need to breathe and have a time for themselves, and or to think twice about decisions in life when it comes to having relationships with other people. Toxic people are also a reminder that life is not always filled with people who will bring sunshine and warmth, but it can also be a plague with people who can make our day gloomy and exhausting. posted on their website that there are a lot of ways on how to spot a toxic person, and the internet is like a hive filled with toxicity and unwarranted hate from a lot of people. Toxic people often wants to make someone to fix them and their problems, they will try to make you feel that they are the victim by making you feel sorry and responsible for what happens to them. They thrive sympathy and support from the people around them and they will create one drama after another in order to get it.


Recognizing a Toxic Person


Trying to survive in this world takes a lot of effort. Everyday, people face different kinds of obstacles that will make them want to crave for solitude in their houses and away from people who are keeping their day worse every single day. Probably most people thought that they are capable of changing someone’s behavior if they let them stay in their lives and shower them with love and attention that they need, but little did they know that sometimes, these people are sucking up the energy and they really need an intervention just for them to wake up with the reality that they are one of those toxic people.


Most people who have a toxic personality always have a bad impact on someone else’s life. They often share similar traits and behavioral patterns making it easy for them to be recognized. Likewise, in a website called Up Beat Impulse, they stated that toxic people are a type of people who can’t and do not accept suggestions and keeps on repeating the same old stories that they have. A toxic person will always complain about something and they use negativity as a fuel that drives their outburst at any time. Giving them suggestions about their problems that they complain to you might be a waste of time since they don’t generally listen to you or they do not look for advice, they just want someone whom they can pass or share the burden with.


Moreover, toxic people are highly competitive. They will try to downplay your accomplishment if you try to bring it up while you are having a conversation with them. Their ego will stand on the way as they try to make themselves superior by undermining your ability to achieve the goals that you want to achieve, and they will make it seem like nothing you have accomplished is a big deal. Ironically, they will stick when you are having a crisis in your life, but you will rarely see them during the happiest moment of your life since they like it when a person is struggling more than when they are succeeding.



Dealing With Toxic Personality


Since it is inevitable to have a toxic person in life, people need to know how to handle and deal with a person who has an unbearable personality. In a website called, Exploring Your Mind, smart people know how to set limits between them and the toxic person in their life. They are also aware of the effects and the impact of having too much negativity in their life that would damage their well-being. Sociologists and behavioral experts believe that this generation lives in a highly toxic time. Moreover, experts suggest that people should focus on providing solutions rather than focusing on the problem at hand.


Lastly, Psychology Today mentioned that people shouldn’t normalize abusive behaviors. It is important that people should be able to identify if someone is being mean to them or abusing them in different ways and not just physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and psychologically.


Most of the toxic people in people's lives are part of their inner circle, which can be in the workplace, and sometimes, at home / Photo by Antonio Guillem via




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