Dark Personality Trait that Stems from Narcissism and Psychopath

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Dark Personality Trait that Stems from Narcissism and Psychopath

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance / Photo by Prazis Images via Shutterstock.com


Every person has a dark side that they always conceal with an easy-going smile and a friendly demeanor. Nobody is perfect who always sees rainbows and butterflies and always see the joy in everything. A normal person has the capability to feel upset, hate, anger, and they are also capable of hurting someone to either defend themselves or just because they wanted to. However, there are also some people who are stepping outside the boundary of being normal and being a psychotic and narcissistic freak who can’t feel remorse every time they hurt or think of hurting others.

Movies that features psychotic killers are often too recognizable because of their deranged look that will creep you out just by looking at them. But in real life, psychopaths can mask their personality with a friendly smile, intelligent conversations, and even familiar behavior that will lead you astray from thinking that they are capable of hurting anyone if they wanted to. On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who have a case of being narcissistic who only care about themselves.

Narcissistic people are those who suffer from the narcissistic personality disorder, and according to Healthy Place, as defined in the fifth edition of the DSM (DMS-5), they are characterized by having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance. Some experts believe that psychopaths are known narcissists, but it is still not proven yet if narcissists are psychopaths too. Narcissists are known for their constant need for admiration and a lack of empathy towards other creatures. Psychologist Stephen Johnson defines narcissists as someone who has “buried his true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaced it with a highly developed, compensatory self”.

Meanwhile, according to the online article published by Reader’s Digest, psychopathic people get bored easily. They face chronic boredom throughout their lives. Psychologist Randall Salekin, PhD., said, “A psychopath’s nervous system is wired so they need to keep doing exciting things to feel normal and reach normal levels of arousal,” They are also good with interacting with other people since they are very charming and they have the excellent ability in concealing their true behavior to other people. Salekin also added that they are also good at making conversations which can draw others to them. However, they are also capable of not feeling any emotion towards other people. A 2013 study about psychopathic behavior stated that the regions of the psychopathic offenders’ brain associated with empathy with others can be activated and deactivated at their own will, but when they do turn their empathy on, they would use it to seduce and manipulate someone else.


Psychopathic people are good at interacting with other people since they are very charming and have an excellent ability in concealing their true behavior to other people / Photo by Ddisq via Shutterstock.com


The Dark Core of Personality

The world is a place where dark and light co-exist in order to have balance in life. There will always be good and bad people that we will encounter in our lives and it is impossible that a person will only have to experience a good company in their life. However, even though it is normal to encounter people with bad personality traits, it is still important that these traits will be treated immediately because surely, the world will be a better place if there will be more good people in the world who can feel empathy with one another.

In an article published by The Sun, they mentioned that a new study found out that the dark personality traits of most people like psychopathy and narcissism are all linked to a ‘dark center’ of a person’s personality. Scientists also believe that understanding the ‘dark center’ of a person’s personality might help treat the dark personality traits in the future. A team of scientists from the University of Copenhagen found out that the common denominator of a person’s dark traits or the ‘D-Factor’ can be defined as the general tendency to maximize a person’s individual utility -- disregarding, accepting, or malevolently provoking disutility for others.

Likewise, Science Daily also mentioned that the dark traits can be traced back to the general tendency of a person in placing their own goals and interests and when they take their own pleasure by hurting someone. The researchers from the University of Copenhagen is also interested in the fact that nine of the dark traits are related. Forbes shared on their website the nine personality traits that are connected to the ‘D-Factor’:


Excessive concern for oneself with or without exaggerated feelings of self-importance


A manipulative, callous attitude and a belief that the ends justify the means

Moral disengagement

Social psychology defines it as the process of convincing the self that ethical standards do not apply to oneself in a particular context


Self-absorption, superiority, and extreme need for attention

Psychological entitlement

It is a person’s belief that he/she deserves more or is entitled to more than others


Lack of empathy and self-control


It is when a person is having pleasure when he/she is inflicting mental or physical harm on others


Desire to boost/highlight one’s own social or financial status


Willingness to retaliate/cause harm to others even if it hurts oneself





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