Why Male Suicide Is Becoming More Widespread

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Why Male Suicide Is Becoming More Widespread

Suicide can be done by any person regardless of status, race, gender and anything especially if it effects his or her emotions. / Photo by: jedimaster via 123RF


Suicide can be committed by anyone, regardless of race, gender, and socio-economic status. More studies are beginning to show that recently, there have been more men who are victims of suicide. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, the rate of suicide among men is three to four times higher than women. 

Divorce has been revealed to be one of the leading causes of male suicide. Prof. AJ Kposowa research shows that divorced men from North America are more prone to commit suicide than divorced women. To affirm this, Prof. John Oliffe, a University of B.C. psychology researcher, declares, “Divorce is the tipping point for a lot of guys. Divorce is a classic factor in suicide. These men become isolated. There are so many examples of good men’s lives ending prematurely.”

Why Has the Male Suicide Rate Increased?

Males are more to be prone to suicide and studies shown that there are more males taking their own lives. / Photo by: sabphoto via 123RF


Researchers have investigated as to why more men who have decided to end their own lives. The Guardian states that these may be some of the factors that caused an increase in male suicide rates:

Men have more violent suicide methods

Men are more prone to use violent suicide methods like hanging themselves. Meanwhile, women have the tendency to use less violent means of taking their lives, like poisoning. This has been proven by studies from the US and the UK. Since men use more violent ways of committing suicide, this also makes them more likely to die.

In a study conducted in the UK, it was found that 58% of men killed themselves by strangulation, suffocation, and hanging. Women who committed suicide by these methods amounted to 36%.On the other hand, poisoning caused 43% of women’s suicide, while only 20% of men died from poison intake.

Another research which was carried out in the US shows that firearms account for 56% of men’s suicide. Poisoning was also revealed to be one of the widely-used methods of suicide in women.

Impulsivity and alcohol

Some researchers also attribute this to how men are generally more impulsive than women. This may be why they are more likely to engage in reckless suicide attempts. Alcohol has been shown to be one of the factors that caused them to be impulsive. Researches have shown that most men who committed suicide also had drinking problems. There is also a study that indicates that men have a higher probability than women of drinking alcohol a few hours before attempting suicide.

Gender roles


Some experts speculate that the way men and women carry out their suicide attempt, they are still acting based on their culturally prescribed gender roles. A study shows that women prefer suicide methods that reduce the chances of getting their face disfigured and that will more likely preserve their appearance. A research from Ohio reveals that there is only a small probability that women would commit suicide by shooting themselves in the head. However, this theory is still unconfirmed.

Warning Signs of Suicide

Indicators that a man is contemplating suicide include:

1. Conversations about committing suicide, death, and self-harm

2. Interest in death which may be shown in his art, such as stories or poems

3. Feelings of hopelessness

4. Feelings of guilt, shame, and self-hatred, which he may express by saying that he feels like a burden to everyone.

5. Making a will and distributing his belongings

6. Isolating himself from friends and family

7. Saying goodbye to their loved ones by suddenly calling them or visiting them

8. Sudden calmness and cheerfulness after being too depressed

How to Help Prevent Male Suicide

One expert offers help to for males who are having suicidal thoughts. / Photo by: Katarzyna Białasiewicz via 123RF


Dr. Michael Player, a clinical psychologist, suggested that these are ways that the loved ones of a man can help keep him from attempting suicide:


Family members and friends of the male who is suicidal are encouraged to help keep their mind off of attempting suicide by keeping them distracted even for a moment. For example, they may organize a camping or fishing trip. These distractions can help prevent them from planning how they will kill themselves.

Having a trusted person to discuss problems with

Letting them have constant contact with people whom they can safely discuss their problems with may help make them feel better and reduce the likelihood of suicide. That person should be open, honest and non-judgemental when he confides to them about their suicidal feelings.

Getting Professional Help

Men who are suicidal are advised to use healthcare services which are focused on suicide prevention and the improvement of men’s mental health. They may seek the help of a psychologist or counselor whom they can ask advice from.

Availing of these resources may help them fight against the urge to commit suicide and may also help them in recovering from any mental illness they may have, such as depression.  



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