Liquid Trust: How Spraying on Oxytocin Helps Enhance Trust and Improve Social Life, Love Life and Career

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Liquid Trust: How Spraying on Oxytocin Helps Enhance Trust and Improve Social Life, Love Life and Career

Oxytocin was invented by Paul Zak to help people overcome their social problems and possibly treating some health conditions / Photo by Getty Images


Oxytocin, the “trust hormone”, can now be inhaled to help make others trust a person more and greatly improve their social life, love life, and business. This comes in the form of the spray Liquid Trust which was manufactured by Love Scent, a pheromone product-making company located in Colorado.

This new approach to helping people overcome their social problems and possibly treating some health conditions was invented by Paul Zak and his team of researchers from Claremont University. This stemmed from the idea that in animals, oxytocin helps strengthen bonds between parents and their children as well as between mates. Since there is very little information about the function of oxytocin in a human’s social bonds, they decided to test its effects on people’s trust in an experiment. This eventually lead to the making of Liquid Trust, the world’s first oxytocin-based product which uses what Science Mag calls the “social superglue”.

The History of Oxytocin

Rappler states that oxytocin is known by other names such as the bonding or nurturing substance, love molecule, trust molecule, and the fidelity key. Sir Henry Dale coined the term around 107 years back when he witnessed a substance that was released from a pregnant cat’s pituitary gland which made it contract. He derived the term from the Greek word for “swift birth”.

After 47 years, Vincent du Vigneaud was able to identify that the structure of oxytocin consisted of amino acids. Following the discovery of its structural makeup, he made artificial oxytocin by using amino acids in his laboratory.

Later, it was found that it was associated with mothers giving birth and aiding pregnant women in producing more breastmilk. Further studies have also found that oxytocin was related to romantic love and that it affects a couple’s trust, loyalty, attachment and generosity to each other. In the stage of bonded attachment, a study indicates that the brain is submerged in oxytocin. Orgasms, cuddles, and other gestures of love make a person produce this hormone.

In the 80s, Helen Fisher conducted a study on divorce. Based on the data she gathered, spouses divorce in four years after having a child. If they have another child, this may cause them to be together for seven years.

The most recent study about oxytocin is the one conducted by Zak and his colleagues which was published in the Nature journal, which explored how oxytocin influences an individual’s trust.

The Oxytocin-Trust Experiment

In order to assess if oxytocin heightens interpersonal trust, Zak and his co-authors made a trust game as part of their experiment. In the game, the players had two roles:  a trustee and an investor, according to Webs Wofford. Players had to send money to each other.

Random participants were given either role. After that, they were given doses of oxytocin or a placebo which were administered through their noses. At the end of the investigation, it was revealed that investors who were given oxytocin transferred more money to a trustee in contrast to the ones who inhaled a placebo. The researchers deduced from their findings that oxytocin leads to higher prosocial trusting behavior. However, they also found that oxytocin was not the initiator of trust, it only increased the person’s trust in another person whom they tended to trust.

Benefits of Using Liquid Trust

Users of Liquid Trust, as stated by SCXZ, have reported the product to be effective in enhancing their love lives, boosting their job performance, helping them perform better at job interviews and get more positive impressions, raising their confidence and overcoming their shyness. It is advised that before applying it, the person should first build up that trust with the people they want to bond with.

A person may experience the following benefits after spraying on Liquid Trust:

1. Improves general aspects of life

Since its usage increases trust as an effect of oxytocin, it leads a person to having an improved social life, love life and career. It is indicated to be safe and easy to use. It is also said to have immediate effects on a user after a single spray. Liquid Trust is odorless so it may be used with other perfumes.

2. Boosts confidence

Even though the manufacturers do not promote it as a product that helps increase confidence, shy people who used Liquid Trust claimed it helped them overcome their shyness. Since its usage aids in gaining people’s trust and making them act more favorably towards the user, it results in increasing self-confidence and self-belief as well as getting past their social anxiety.

3. Improves Dating Experience

In wearing Liquid Trust, the chances of getting rejected and leaving a poor first impression a date are greatly reduced. The oxytocin which the product contains sends a subtle message to a stranger’s subconscious that they are desirable as a friend, ally or a future mate instead of being a source of harm. It also helps people decide how they perceive others in social relationships, whether they view them as part of the “in-group” (people they have to bond with, protect or be protected by) or the “out-group” (people they need to shield themselves from).



In effect, this product causes people of the opposite sex want to get closer to them.


Although there are plenty of benefits that accompany the usage of Liquid Trust, users of the product are told to be careful in applying the spray.

It has been reported in a review of the product that it lessens the fear and caution required in office meetings. The female user said that she found herself having surprisingly strong connections to tough people and in one instance, a hard-nosed operator kept talking to her about the meeting even though they had left the office.

The overdose of Liquid Trust may lead a person to be more unrestrained and be less mindful of others’ personal boundaries.


An overdose with Liquid Trust may lead a person to be more restrained and be less mindful of other's personal boundaries / Photo by Getty Images


The Future of Liquid Trust

Love Scent has recently released a new and improved version of Liquid Trust called Liquid Trust Enhanced, which has added the pheromones Androstenone and Androsterone to the product’s original formula. It is apparently being marketed to males enable them to instantly attract females.

After the invention of Liquid Trust,  oxytocin is currently being researched by various experts across the globe. It may possibly help in treating several mental health problems and other health conditions. The said hormone may be a potential cure for autism, schizophrenia and memory loss. It may also assist a person in overcoming shyness, reduce struggles in relationships and marriages, and help parents bond better with their children. This may also help relieve a person from their stomach problems. The promising benefits of Liquid Trust may prompt more developments of oxytocin products and may possibly change the future of medicine.




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