India Seeks to Save Convicted Officer's Life

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India Seeks to Save Convicted Officer's Life

Pakistan's conviction of Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav have strained the already-chilly relations between the two nations and motivated Indian authorities to petition the United Nations to intercede.

A Pakistani military court found Jadhav guilty and sentenced him to death in April when he was convicted on charges of espionage.

India claims Pakistani authorities violated international law because it did not allow Indian diplomats and attorneys to speak with Jadhav during the trial. The country has petitioned the United Nations International Court of Justice to halt the execution. 

"India believes that the farcical nature of proceedings and unjust trial by a Pakistani military court in egregious violation of the rights of consular access ... has led to (a) serious miscarriage of justice," said Deepak Mittal, joint secretary of India's Ministry of External Affairs.

India claims that Pakistani authorities refused to give Indian officials access to Jadhav after his arrest last year, which represents a violation of long-established international rules.

"It is clear that Mr. Jadhav has been denied the right to be defended by a legal counsel of his choice," Mittal said. "He has not been informed of his right to seek consular access."

Pakistani officials have said Jadhav confessed to espionage and terror-linked activities during interrogation

India believes Jadhave's confession, which served as the basis of his conviction, was made while the navy officer was being held "in captivity without proper legal representation." Indian diplomats have called upon the international court to intervene, ordering Pakistan to postpone the execution while an investigation is run into whether Jadhav received a fair trial.

Pakistani officials claim that the Indian naval officer confessed to espionage and terror-linked activities during interrogation.




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