Personalities Based on the Four Temperaments

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Personalities Based on the Four Temperaments

                                                                                                 Each one of us is unique and has its own personality / Photo by Shutterstock


Back in ancient Greece, in 450 BC, Hippocrates created a personality system based on people’s disposition or temperaments which is known today as the Four Temperaments.

According to, they were based on the bodily fluid that was dominant in a person’s body or humor.

In addition, says that a recent study also relates each temperament to certain chemicals. says that knowing people’s temperaments used to be the foundation of treatment and diagnosis in Greek medicine.

Whether it would be for medicine or to merely to understand some human behavior patterns in general, it would be interesting to know one’s personal temperament.


Defining Temperament

Before we describe what the four temperaments are, let us first identify the meaning of temperament.

Temperament is defined by as the balance of a person’s personality, which are biological tendencies that are inherited from parents. It is also described as the disposition to think and feel a certain way which stems from a person’s early childhood.

According to, it is derived from the Latin word, “temperamentum” which means mixture.


Four Types of Temperaments

Now that temperament has been defined, the four types of them will be described. Their description will be based on their humor/ predominant bodily fluid, characteristics, usual physical traits, chemicals it is associated with, and their most mentioned words.

These are based on the information from,, and Nixon Aswani’s article, Four Personality Types and Their Traits.

These temperaments are Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic.

Below, each temperament will be described in detail.


1. Sanguine

Humor: Blood

Associated Chemical: Dopamine


People with this temperament crave adventure and new life experiences.

They are the cheerful and mindful type of people who are always in a happy mood. When things do not go their way, they still have the ability to remain hopeful. Their characteristics include being optimistic, curious, having high energy, having great mental flexibility, being novelty seeking, expressive, and spontaneous.

They are also adaptable and flexible which enable them to adjust their view and perception to accept things as they happen. This also enables them to easily adjust to circumstances.

Those who are sanguine feel that it is best to experience life directly. They want to feel life’s intensity and experience it in vivid detail. They have fun in the presence of more people. Due to their love of the spotlight and their ability to draw attention, people see them as entertainers.

For them, their mindset matters rather than the system or rules.

Usual Physical Traits:

Their expressive face is the most noticeable trait of their appearance.

Most Mentioned Words:

They tend to use the words “new”, “fun”, “energy”, “active”, and “adventure”.


2.  Phlegmatic

Humor: Phlegm

Associated Chemical: Estrogen


Individuals who are phlegmatic are often defined by their social skills.

They have a talent for picking up on other people’s face and body language and expressing themselves. They are also skilled at connecting the facts and seeing the bigger picture.

They are known to be sympathetic, nurturing, agreeable, and emotionally expressive.

They are also considered as people who are the slow-moving, careful, methodical type.

They believe that as long as they work hard, they can make anything happen. They are characterized as goal oriented and having long-term thinking.

People of this type are interested in coming up with ways to achieve their dreams. They are also very keen on their inner world of thoughts, memories, ideas, and execution of their intentions.

Usual Physical Traits:

Their faces are round with full lips and small noses.

Most Mentioned Words:

You can hear them often using the words, “passion” or “passionate”, “sensitive” and “sweet”.


3. Choleric

Humor: Yellow bile

Associated Chemical: Testosterone


Choleric people are known for being courageous, competitive, focused, direct, tough, analytical, logical, and strategic. They are considered the strong, productive, passionate and aggressive type.

People who have this temperament need to focus on management of resources which include tools, people, and other items. They have the ability to execute and manage their resources strategically. In turn, they know how best to use the resources and when and where they will use them.

They are very interested in practical ideas and goals and will even set their emotions aside while working hard to achieve them.

Usual Physical Traits:

Their appearance consists of high foreheads, square jaws, and high cheekbones.

Most Mentioned Words:

They are often found uttering words such as “ambition”, “challenge", and “intellect”.


4. Melancholic

Humor: Black Bile

Associated Chemical: Serotonin


The melancholics often need a lot of time alone with their thoughts, just like the phlegmatics. They have the ability to dream bigger and feel deeper than most people with other temperaments.

They are also known as the brooding, contemplative, thoughtful, and sensitive type.

Their characteristics are being calm, loyal, cautious, orderly, and conventional.

Usual Physical Traits:

Their most distinctive physical features include having a square face, thin lips, and prominent cheekbones

Most Mentioned Words:

When talking, they are fond of using the words “values”, “moral”, “caring”, “family”, “loyal” and “respect”.


In closing, these temperaments are still being used by experts, including psychologists and psychiatrists worldwide. Being able to identify yours and other people’s temperaments can help you associate with others empathically as well as become more sensitive in dealing with fellow humans.


                                                                                                 The four types of temperament / Photo by Shutterstock




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