Rock Music Can be Beneficial to Your Health

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Rock Music Can be Beneficial to Your Health

“The power of music to integrate and to quite fundamental. It is the profoundest nonchemical medication.” These are the words of the British Neurologist Oliver Sacks.

Music is accepted as a form of self-expression, an art and surprisingly even a cure. There are some genres of music that are more favored by others and some that are considered not worth listening to. Rock music is however, mostly frowned upon by most parents and elders. It is even considered evil and forbidden in some religions.

Although rock music connotes screaming, rebellion and rage, there are studies that show that this type of music can improve your health.

Before we go further into the positive effects of rock music, let us first discuss its meaning and its history.


What is Rock Music?

The accurate description of rock music is often debated upon by scholars. It is difficult to pin down a precise definition of it since its music style has evolved over time. states that is a type of popular music that rose in the 1950’s which came from America. gives a more detailed description. It defined rock music as “hard-edged music performed with electric guitars, bass and drums and usually accompanied by lyrics sung by a vocalist.”

The variations of rock music emerged from the improvisations of many pioneering artists who mixed elements of other music genres with the foundations laid by Elvis Presley.


Brief History of Rock Music

Originally, when Elvis Presley popularized rock and roll in  the 1950’s, it was a genre which was an amalgam of mostly jazz, church music and the blues. What made it distinct was that it was guitar-based and was characterized by a strong beat inspired by African-American and white traditional music. This was also the beginning of when media began to be directed towards the youth.  

Later, in the 1960’s, when Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones rose to fame, the theme of rock music transformed into sex and youthful rebellion which made their songs shrouded in controversy.

During the 70’s, Led Zeppelin paved the way for a new form of rock which was darker and had a heavier tone. This was known as heavy metal or hard rock.

Eventually, in the 80’s, rock music had many broken into several different branches. Artists like Madonna had merged it with Pop. Alongside this, Punk and Rap were also born.

As the 1980’s came to a close, alternative rock (also known as college rock, modern rock or indie rock)  came about as a result of American rock bands’, like R.E.M.’s experimentation of post punk elements with a touch of introspective lyrics that have traditional rock band arrangements.

In the 1990s up the present, alternative rock became the new mainstream rock. According to, there were also bands that dared to innovate by combining rap and rock, creating a new hybrid dubbed as rap-rock.

While rock music continues to be ever-changing, fans of this music genre will continue to patronize it. says that according to a study done by Echo Nest, Spotify’s research arm,  heavy metal has the most number of loyal fans because of how they relate to the lyrics which express feelings of low self-esteem which come from the feeling of being alienated. They view this  as a source inspiration and support. 


Why You Should Listen to Rock

Are you a rock fan? If you are not already listening to rock bands then you might want to consider adding this to your music palette. Research shows that rock music in indeed beneficial to your health.

According to, here  is the evidence that rock music is actually good for you:

1. Metal rock fans were found to be happier and less regretful

In 2015, the journal Self and Identity conducted a study about the effect of heavy metal on people who grew up listening to it, 377 adults were shown to be happier and less regretful than the people liked other genres or those who were not into music at all.


2. It helps you exercise better

When you listen to rock music while working out, it can provide a distraction to the force you exert and the pain you feel from the its exertion.

In 2010, there was a study that revealed that while listening to rock music and other music with fast tempo, cyclists tended to exert more effort.


3. It helps relieve stress

This actually applies to music in general. If a person loves to listen to rock music, then it can be a stress-reliever for him.

The University of Queensland discovered that aggressive rock music can help people manage their anger by helping them process it and matching their mood. As a result, this energizes them and makes them feel more active.


4. It increases memory, literacy, verbal, reasoning and spatial learning

In 2006, a study published in the Educational Journal of Psychology says that learning an instrument may be link to slight increases of IQ. Other studies presented in the journal showed that it was easier for music students to learn languages.


5. It can act as a painkiller

Since rock tends to appeal to emotions, it makes a listener have a more immersive experience which also helps people forget about the pain they are feeling.

In 2012, it was revealed that patients suffering from chronic pain benefited from undergoing music therapy twice a day.

It was also reported that people who were recovering from operations needed less opioids, or pain-reducing medicine.


6. It can help you be more satisfied with your life


When researchers from Deakin University conducted a survey on more than a thousand people, they found out that people who often went to concerts declared that they felt more satisfied with their lives.

It is speculated that this helps improve a person’s mood because attending a live concert is a shared community experience.


7. It is good for your heart

A research done by the Institute of Cardiology that listening to music can increase the production of endorphins in the brain.

A study also shows that in can raise the blood flow by 26%.


Never let anyone make you feel guilty about loving rock music again. It is not only good for your ears but also for your heart and soul.




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