Lapis Lazuli, Healing Beyond the Metaphysical Being

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Lapis Lazuli, Healing Beyond the Metaphysical Being

A lapis lazuli gemstone. / Photo by: Oliver Mohr via 123RF


Also named Lapis for short - Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone which translates to the word “stone blue” that deeply represents its azure color. Many minerals go into creating a gem such as this, including Pyrite, Sodalite, Lazurite, and Calcite. Each of these individual stones was formed by the Earth’s natural energies which are where they get their unique properties from.

Found deep in the Earth’s core, beliefs with regards to its properties and energies lie massively on its ability to transcend the physical body to the spiritual world, Ancient Egyptians in particular.


Healing properties of Crystals

An illustration of the person's chakra. / Photo by: Monika Wisniewska via 123RF


Healing with stones or crystals is only one small way of healing, but when compared to traditional medicine, it conversely addresses all aspects of the person instead not just the physical ones.

The following information about Lapis healing properties is not meant to replace doctor’s advice but only to work in conjunction with it. All gemstones have healing properties in general. All the metaphysical properties blend together and involve different chakra interaction taking place in jewelry form.

The gem itself can be used alongside the Third Eye Chakra, due to its natural ability to connect beyond the physical realm. These gems resonate with such a unique vibrational energy that they encourage truth and enlightenment to come forth.

This gem is also said to balance certain emotions by easing frustration, reducing anger, and closing off negative thoughts. This gem encourages us to stay true to ourselves in order to avoid wandering away from our spiritual path.

Many gems are naturally connected to certain of the 12 Chakras. For this blue stone, the natural connection lies between it and the Throat Chakra.

For many, this is made obvious by the color which joins the two: the same shade of deep blue. However, the connections do go deeper. For example, the Throat Chakra helps us to speak the truth.

Not just in terms of being honest but a higher level of truth that extends beyond our own knowledge, this stone also aids in our abilities to speak to those beyond the physical world. These are both traits that this blue gem also possesses and can aid us with.

This gem can be used to clear Throat Chakra whenever there is a blockage or a reduction in energy flow.

Some signs that your Throat Chakra is blocked include: telling lies, fear of speaking, inability to listen, saying inappropriate things, and being unable to keep it a secret.

If you’re experiencing these signs, then you can clear and blockages through meditation or visualization (or both).

The best way to do this is to hold the stone in your hand but also against your Throat Chakra and picture the energy transferring from the stone to you. Visualize the deep blue energy washing over your body and through your other Chakras as well.



Lapis Lazuli Jewelry and Statues

Many people wonder about the significance of wearing stones and its effect on the body not just for fashion.

Interestingly enough, a quality that is unique to this stone is its interaction with the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. While the Lapis bracelet meaning may be the same as any other, the necklace meaning is far more significant.

Wearing the gem around your neck allows it to have a direct interaction with your Throat Chakra while also stimulating your pineal gland and interacting with your Third Eye Chakra.

A Buddha statue in Nepal made from Lapis stones is believed to quickly release stress, bring deep peace, harmony and deep inner self-knowledge.

Medicine Buddha is also called Bhaisajya Tathagatta or healing Buddha. He is able to cure sickness of birth and death. His body is bright like Lapis lazuli. According to folklore, he made 12 great vows before his attainment of Buddhahood. They are to eliminate sickness and liberate beings from disasters and calamities. In Tibetan medical tradition, Bhaisajya Buddha is said to be the source of all medical treaties. This Buddha statue is invoked for eliminating disasters and sickness.


Physical Body and the Metaphysical

The effects of the healing properties of Lapis Lazuli comes in different aspects based on your physical being and metaphysical being.

In an article published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Dr. Greaves emphasized the replacement of the theoretical and practical structure of biomedicine with a new field of medical cosmology.

In this statement obtained from Jewson: Medical cosmologies are basically metaphysical attempts to circumscribe and define systematically the essential nature of the universe of medical discourse as a whole. They are conceptual structures which constitute the frame of reference within which all questions are posed and all answers are offered.

Medical Cosmology refers mainly to religious and cultural matters, whilst focusing on scientific ones to the exclusion of the wider context. The claim has been made that it is only the history of religions which continues to interpret cosmology in the older sense and to incorporate the idea of science within religion and culture.

All major systems of medicine, both historical and contemporary, contains a central feature on the notion of healing, and a respected role for particular people designated as healers. Healing has its origin in religious ideas and concerns the restoration of wholeness in an all-encompassing sense.

Downie has argued for the teaching of humanities as part of medical education, because “the doctor needs to be able to make considered judgments, and a developed sense of judgment has a humanistic element as a component means”.

Lastly, the article aims to respond to the challenges facing biomedicine as issues raised regarding certain paradigm variants are dealt with particularly biopsychosocial paradigm in general.

The lapis lazuli metaphysical properties work with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states to bring us total healing. Whether you believe in the cosmos on dimensional space or rely on the prescription of a physician, we must explore options for healing not just the physical body at the very least.



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